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The Cotton which is well suited for the production of requird count of yarn, i.e. 30 tex for bunting cloth and 38 tex for duck cloth, will be procured from the market and used for yarn manufacture. This raw-cotton will be converted into a yarn of required count by processing it through various complicated machineries viz. openers, cleaners, card, draw frame, comber, roving frame and charaka.

Two different types of clothes are being woven on handlooms one is Bunting cloth, which is required for making 3 panels of National Flags and the other Duck cloth, which is required for sleeve attachment.
Yarn of 30 tex count will be used as warp and weft for weaving bunting cloth and that of 38 tex count will be used as warp and weft for weaving duck cloth.
Every care will be taken while weaving, to see that, the required number of ends per inch, picks per inch and weight are in par with the BIS norms.

The bunting meant for manufacturing the top and bottom panels shall be bleached and dyed in India Saffron and India Green colours respectively, and that meant for the middle band shall be bleached. The dyed pieces shall be free from dyeing defects, such as uneven dyeing and streakiness.
While dyeing, utmost care will be taken to see that, the dyes selected must give the required shade, good fastness to light and washing, correct PH value and dimensional changes, as per BIS norms.

The bunting cloth which is free from any defects and will be taken for cutting. As per the specific dimensions of the Flag, cutting will be done.
After cutting, the bleached samples are taken for chakra printing. The Ashoka Chakra of specific size will be screen printed with Navy blue colour on specific sized bleached fabric in such a manner that, the chakra shall be completely visible on both sides of the Flag in the center. Later it will be cured to make the chakra fast.

Stitching of Flags will be done by machine stitching with lock stitches. The sewing threads used for machine stitching shall confirm the BIS norms and the colour of the thread being the same as that of the panels on which it appears. The four corners of the Flags will be reinforced with triangular pieces of bunting of the same construction and colour as is used for making the Flags.
Finally, a sleeve will be provided along one side of the Flag.

A toggle will be attached to each Flag at the top by splicing the hemp cordage around it before sewing the later in side the sleeve The toggle is attached at the top of Saffron panel with an intension to avoid hoisting of the flag in reverse manner.
Wood toggles are made from well seasoned timber of any of the following species. Viz, Haldu, Padauk, Shisham, Sal or Teak. At every stage of manufacture of National Flag. BIS norms will be followed and the Flag is stamped with ISI mark.
The toggled Flag will be steam ironed and folded neatly.

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