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11 Weakest Superheroes Who Can’t Do Shit

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In the vast world of superheroes, there are those who soar in the sky, fight against powerful enemies and protect the innocent with incredible powers. And there are those that make you scratch your head in disbelief. Today we’re going to introduce you to some of the most unusual and, frankly, questionable superheroes in the world of comics. From alcohol-fueled abilities to the bizarre art of welding dogs, get ready for a journey into the world of 11 of the weakest superheroes who can’t do much.

Gin Genie: Drunk dynamo

First on our list is the Gin Genie, also known as Beckah Parker, who debuted in X Force #116 in 1991. Unlike most superheroes who use their superpowers, the Gin Genie draws her strength from another source – alcohol. The more it absorbs, the greater its power to create seismic waves. However, her inability to get drunk poses a significant risk to her teammates. It makes you wonder if she’s more of a liability than an asset.

Cypher: Linguistic luminary

Cypher, whose first appearance occurred in The New Mutants #13 in March 1984, possesses a unique gift – the ability to understand any language, spoken or written. While this skill may sound handy in everyday life, it doesn’t fare well on the battlefield. Cypher often finds himself in the role of the team’s technical expert, but his linguistic prowess does not translate into combat power. He is more likely to be seen hiding behind trees than fighting villains.

The Bouncing Boy: The Elastic Enigma

Chuck Taine, also known as Bouncing Boy, burst onto the superhero scene in Action Comics #276 in May 1961. His superpower? Transform into a bouncing ball. Although this ability might seem comical, Chuck’s charm and humor earned him the title of “Morale Officer” within the Legion of Super-Heroes. But let’s be honest; puffing yourself up and bouncing around doesn’t exactly seem like a huge superpower.

Friendly Fire: Aimless pyrokinetic

Friendly Fire, with his pyrokinesis and energy projection abilities, could have been a powerful hero. There’s just one problem – he has terrible aim. His anxiety and lack of shooting means he’s more likely to hit his teammates than his enemies. In a tragic twist, Friendly Fire met his end by accidentally shooting himself in the head, highlighting his ultimate ineffectiveness.

Gatekeeper: Riddler of the Portal

Doorman, or DeMarr Davis, possesses the power of teleportation, but with an unusual twist. It can only create portals between rooms that are already adjacent to each other. While this might be useful in certain situations, it’s hardly a practical superpower for most superhero endeavors. Add to that his cynical attitude and you have a superhero who doesn’t quite fit the mold.

Mater-Eater Lad: The Cosmic Chewer

In the DC Universe, Matter-Eater Lad hails from the planet Bismol, where the inhabitants have the uncanny ability to chew through anything. While this power could potentially be useful in certain scenarios, it’s rarely seen in action in the comics. Matter-Eater Lad’s unique skill set struggles to find relevance in most superhero battles, leaving us to wonder if he’s just chewing the scenery.

Dogwelder: The Canine Craftsman

Dogwelder wins the award for the most bizarre superhero on our list. A member of the Section 8 Team, very little is known about him. He is always hidden behind a gas mask, never revealing his face or speaking. His modus operandi? Welding dogs into the faces of villains. This disturbing approach to crime-fighting raises more questions than answers. How many stray dogs does he have and how long can he continue this gruesome practice?

Color Kid: Manipulator of shades

Color Kid’s power is the ability to change the color of objects by manipulating light. While this may sound intriguing, it’s not particularly useful in combat. Rejected by the Legion of Super-Heroes, Color Kid’s abilities lack the power needed for superheroic endeavors. Temporarily confusing your opponent by changing color just doesn’t cut it in the superhero world.

The hand falls to the boy: Detachable Daredevil

Arm Fall Off Boy, the first reject of the Legion of Superheroes, lives up to its name. He can remove his limbs and use them as blunt objects. While this could be useful in close combat, there are questions about what happens when he runs out of throwing limbs. Its unique power might confuse you more than impress you.


In the realm of superheroes, there are those who inspire awe and admiration, and there are also those who leave you confused. These unusual heroes, with their strange and often bizarre abilities, remind us that not all heroes are created equal. While they may not be the first choice to save the day, they certainly add a unique flavor to the world of comics. So the next time you meet a seemingly ordinary character in a superhero costume, remember that even the strangest heroes have their place in the pages of comic book history.

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