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12 consecutive films flopped, body is such that even youngsters feel shy, not getting work for last 6 years, yet this actor is a superstar

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Mumbai. In the year 1992, 126 Bollywood films were released. In the same year, Sunil Shetty started his career with the film Balwan. With dark complexion, strong body and raw acting skills, this film of Sunil Shetty was average at the box office. Romanced Divya Bharti on screen and his career started. Sunil Shetty’s very first film was counted at number 24 among the best films of 1992. After this, Sunil Shetty worked hard and after two years in 1994, the film ‘Mohra’ came. Sunil Shetty did an amazing job in this film and the film was a blockbuster.

Sunil Shetty’s career took off from this film. After this, Sunil Shetty’s film ‘Gopi Krishna’ came in 1994 itself and made him a superstar. Due to his strong body, people preferred Sunil Shetty as an action hero and made him the hero of the common man. His 1997 film ‘Border’ proved to be a milestone in Sunil Shetty’s career. Sunil Shetty’s career, which started in the 90s, remained at its peak in the 2000s. Sunil Shetty left a deep impression in comedy films along with action. Sunil Shetty’s character in ‘Hera Pheri’, released in 2000, became the Kohinoor of the comedy world. (Photo courtesy-Instagram@athiyashetty, suniel.shetty, ahan.shetty)

In the 2000s, he gave powerful films like ‘Khel’, ‘Rakht’, ‘Dhadkan’, ‘Awara Deewana Pagal’, ‘LOC Kargil’, ‘Refugee’. But the year 2007 came and Sunil Shetty’s luck changed. The film ‘Shootout at Wadala’ was released in 2007. This film was average at the box office. After this, Sunil Shetty’s films started flopping. Sunil Shetty’s film ‘De Dana Dan’ was released in 2009. This film also earned average and was liked by the people. This was the only film which gave positive results to Sunil Shetty at the box office. After this film, Sunil Shetty’s luck left him. After this, 12 consecutive films including ‘Tum Milo To Sahi’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Desi Katte’ failed at the box office. (Photo courtesy-Instagram@athiyashetty, suniel.shetty, ahan.shetty)

After giving one flop after another, Sunil Shetty’s career started going downhill. In the year 2017, Sunil Shetty was last seen on the big screen in the film ‘A Gentleman – Sundar Sushil Risky’. After this, Sunil Shetty has been missing from the big screen for 6 years. However, even after giving 12 consecutive flop films, there has been no difference in Sunil Shetty’s stardom. (Photo courtesy-Instagram@athiyashetty, suniel.shetty, ahan.shetty)

Sunil Shetty now hosts TV shows and is also seen showing his magic in web series. However, for 6 years now Sunil Shetty has been yearning for work in films. Sunil Shetty was seen in the webseries ‘Dharavi Bank’ released last year in 2022. Along with this, Sunil Shetty also hosts reality shows. At the age of 62, Sunil Shetty is the owner of a strong body. (Photo courtesy-Instagram@athiyashetty, suniel.shetty, ahan.shetty)

Even today youngsters feel shy after seeing Sunil Shetty’s body. Sunil Shetty is still a role model for millions of youth in the film world and attractive personality. Sunil Shetty’s fans are now eagerly waiting to see him on the big screen. Now it remains to be seen when Sunil Shetty is going to be seen on the big screen. (Photo courtesy-Instagram@athiyashetty, suniel.shetty, ahan.shetty)

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