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12 year old girl lost her way from home in school dress, was kidnapped and raped by auto drivers, tore her clothes and brutalized her, left her half naked, 4 in custody

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Ujjain Rape Case Update: The victim of the Ujjain rape case had come out of her house in school dress and was abducted by criminals traveling in an auto wearing the same clothes. Information has been received about the girl that she is a resident of Satna in Madhya Pradesh. This innocent girl is a little retarded. But those who committed this brutality were completely conscious. He drives an auto. This innocent girl, who had lost her way after leaving school to go home, was picked up by these auto drivers on the pretext of helping her and then made her a victim of cruelty. After which she kept roaming in many areas of Ujjain in a semi-nude state without clothes and drenched in blood from late night till morning. People who came out of the house saw the innocent child but did not help. Blood kept coming out from his private parts and eventually his condition became critical. After which the policemen gave several units of blood and got him treated in the hospital. Now in this case the police have detained 4 auto drivers in the Ujjain rape case.

Ujjain Rape Case: 12 year old girl came out of the house in this dress

Complaint of missing girl was made in Satna, cruelty in Ujjain

Ujjain Rape Case: 1This 2 year old girl is a resident of Jaitwara police station area of ​​Satna. She had gone to school only a day before the incident. She was in school dress. She used to return home every evening but when she did not return that day, a missing complaint was lodged with the police. This girl’s family consists of her grandfather and a brother. Brother is three years older. The mother had left the house and gone somewhere after the birth of this child. The girl’s father is also mentally disturbed. Only his grandfather takes care of him. But on the day of the incident, after the girl went to school, her grandfather had gone to graze goats. When his grandfather did not come home, he informed the police on the morning of 25 September.

Ujjain Rape Case: A disgusting incident with a 12 year old girl in Ujjain.

What happened that day in the girl’s village?

Ujjain Rape Case: Satna police said that the granddaughter of that old man had left the house in school dress. His school is one and a half km away from home. She used to go on foot only. And would return home between 4 to 4:30 in the evening. But when she did not return that day, the police was informed. The next day, when the news came in the media, it came to light that Nirbhaya-like cruelty had happened to the girl.

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