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2 killed: Two planes collided in the sky, the collision was so severe that both the pilots died.

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America 18 September 2023 Once again an incident of two planes colliding in the skies of America has come to light. Two pilots have died in this accident. This accident happened when an air show was going on in Reno, Nevada state of America. The collision of the planes in the sky was so severe that along with the death of both the pilots, the debris of the planes spread within a radius of several kilometers. After the incident, the entire air show had to be canceled immediately.

Ex-Servicemen Day was being organized
Leah Block, a spokeswoman for Commemorative Air Force, the company that organizes the Veterans Day stunt and owner of the crashed plane, told ABC News that they believe the crew of the B-17 Flying Fortress bomber. Five members of the Indian Air Force and one person were aboard the P-63 King Cobra fighter plane.

air show canceled

Both the planes collided with each other while performing stunts during an air show in the sky. Due to this, both the pilots lost their lives, even though both the pilots were highly skilled pilots and were gold winners in T-6 class. The families of both the pilots have been informed. The air show was hastily canceled after the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board of America’s Federal Aviation Administration has started investigating this plane crash. The wreckage of the planes is being investigated. Efforts are being made in the investigation to find out the cause of the accident.

Rescue work continues
The incident occurred at around 1:20 pm at Dallas Executive Airport, about 16 kilometers away from the city center. After the accident, emergency personnel reached the spot. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said the National Transportation Safety Board has taken control of the airport. Local police and fire departments are providing assistance.

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