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20+ Kooku Web Series | Kooku Videos & Kooku Movies

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Kooku, a rising star in the world of Indian adult entertainment, is making waves with his unique web series and movies. Offering a variety of content, Kooku quickly gained attention in the crowded OTT platform arena. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the popular Kooku web series that have won audiences over.

Gift: Unveiling the reality of marriage

“Is it possible that a happy marriage of several years reveals the shocking reality of life?” Dar is an exciting story that reveals the truth about a couple’s life after several years of marriage. Starring Arita Paul, Pooja Kashyap, Yogesh and Chandan Jha, this web series promises to turn your world upside down with its passionate perspectives.

Humraaz: A Life Changing Story

Humraaz revolves around two couples looking for a change in their lives, which leads to the unconventional concept of wife swapping. As Rohit, Rekha, Mukul and Soni meet at a resort, the web series takes viewers on a journey where romance and sensuality reach new heights. Rekha’s newfound completeness brings joy, but also raises the stakes.

Suno Sahebji: A family drama unfolds

Delving into family dynamics, Suno Sahebji explores the lives of the grandfather, maid, grandson and other family members. After the success of previous episodes like Suno Sasurji and Suno Devarji, Kooku presents a new family drama with Suno Sahebji, creating a new wave of entertainment.

Photography: an affair worth skipping?

Among the various web series on Kooku, Photo Shoot might be one to skip. The Kooku app, known for its constant releases, teases its audience with a trailer for Photo Shoot, which is scheduled to premiere on February 8, 2021. Will it live up to the expectations of its predecessors?

Test of fidelity: Love faces challenges

Test of Fidelity deals with a couple deeply in love, testing the limits of their relationship. Unexpected twists take the plot in new directions, causing the couple to accept each other. Can love withstand the trials presented in this Kook web series?

Nayi Naveli: The Mystery Revealed

Starring Ranjit Jha, Shanaya Ans and others, Nayi Naveli, releasing in January 2021, is still shrouded in mystery. The Kooku app keeps details under wraps, encouraging viewers to research the series for themselves and make up their own minds.

Chitthi: Uncovering a 25-year-old secret

Chitthi, a four-part online series, follows Ravi Asthana as he receives a letter from his past after 25 years. The discovery shakes the foundations of his existence, leading to moral and ethical dilemmas. Yashpal Sharma, Shafaq Naaz and others deliver stunning performances in this Kook production.

The Love Letter: Navigating the Complexities of Love

Love Letter revolves around a young man navigating the complexities of love and friendship. As his affection leads to unintended consequences, the series asks the question: Can he resolve the misunderstandings, or will he pay a high price for the miscommunication?

You, me and my Padosan: love, pregnancy and complications

The story follows a man in love with multiple women, who takes love lightly until a pregnancy shakes things up. With one pregnant girlfriend and another who opposes his staying as a tenant, Ti, ja i mojo Padosan promises a fun and exciting journey.

BubblePur: A mixture of naivety and joy

Known for its entertaining content, Kooku presents BubblePur Part 6, a web series that combines naivety, silliness, romance and hilarity. The series, set in a village unaware of the outside world, features three friends played by a stellar cast including Asran, Hemant Pande and others.

Aao Kare Gutur Gu: A romantic comedy on the horizon

Set to premiere on August 29, 2021, Aao Kare Gutur Gu is Kooku’s newest web series. Offering a blend of romance and daring comedy, the show stars Inderjeet Kaur in the lead role. Since the trailer is already available, viewers can expect a wonderful experience.

Humara Pyaar Chamakar: Astrology and Marital Troubles

Exploring the complexities of marriage and astrology, Humara Pyaar Chamakar follows a couple’s journey after consulting an astrologer. With mysterious cures and unexpected twists, the series, released on August 23, 2021, keeps viewers intrigued.

Paglet: a hilarious but sensual ride

Paglet reveals the hilarious but spicy story of Vaishala, a woman who takes her husband’s words too seriously. As the plot moves through fun yet sensual moments, the show promises to entertain with Prashant Kumar, Juhi Chatterji and others in the cast.

Rocky: The Last Show

With an unusual story based on true events, Rocky: The Last Show is highly anticipated on the Kooku app. Set to premiere on the 4th of July, the series boasts stunning web presences, capturing the audience’s attention with each episode.

Vasooli: Unleashed drama and romance

Kooku’s new online series, Vasooli, is creating anticipation among its followers with drama and romance. Along with promising genre thrills, the show features Pooja Kashyap and a yet-to-be-revealed cast. Kooku fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this interesting web series.

Nymph: A story of uncontrollable desires

Featuring a new cast, Nymph explores the story of Hezal, a nymphomaniac with a sad but sensual story. The Kooku app promises hot and steamy moments, showcasing the challenges of managing uncontrollable desires.

Socketwali: Stories of Infidelity

In his constant quest to deliver interesting stories, Kooku is introduced to Socketwali. The web series revolves around the owner of an e-commerce website, entangling the story in extramarital affairs. With a focus on storytelling, Socketwali adds a new dimension to Kooku content.

Chicken Curry: Deception and Revenge

Chicken Curry centers on a newly married couple and the husband’s cheating on a blind woman, played by Ankita Dave. As the truth unfolds, the series explores the consequences of betrayal and the quest for revenge.

Rani Ka Raja: Powers and Intrigues

As Kooku expands its repertoire, the platform will release Rani Ka Raja. Starring Rani Chatterji, Rajesh Sharma and others, this web series promises a captivating blend of royalty and intrigue. Directed by Azaad Bharti, viewers can expect a fresh story.

Hum Apke Fan Hai: Arita Paul in the limelight

Featuring Arita Paul, Hum Apke Fan Hai highlights the life of a top actress navigating the world of bold and romantic web series. With a cast that includes Mohit, Suhana Khan and others, the series provides an insight into the challenges and successes of the actress’ journey.


Kooku’s venture into the world of adult web series has sparked conversations and debates about the nature of content in Indian entertainment. With a mix of romance, drama, comedy and sensuality, Kooku continues to experiment and explore different themes, pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Whether you’re a fan of the platform or a curious observer, Koku’s plethora of web series offers something for everyone, challenging traditional norms and presenting a bold look at modern relationships and social norms. As the platform continues to evolve, it remains to be seen what exciting stories Kook will bring to its audience in the future.

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