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20,000 people went missing, big footprints are visible, where is this mysterious place? – Mystery alaska triangle horror place US govt nasa 20 thousand people disappeared aliens ufo tstsh

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America’s space agency NASA and the government have recently shown their interest in incidents like UFOs and aliens. On this occasion, we get to know about a place in the world where many strange incidents have been witnessed. This place is known as ‘Alaska Triangle’. Everyone is surprised to hear about the things happening here. It is said that seeing UFOs, hearing ghosts and seeing giant footprints is common here. More than 20,000 people have gone missing since 1970.

In the Mirror UK report quoting the Discovery Channel documentary, eyewitness Wes Smith, who saw the UFO, says that it was a very distinct triangular shaped strong object. It was flying differently from the aircraft we know. There was no sound from that flying thing. Smith further said about this, ‘It was as if everything you have been taught has disappeared. Because how can this be possible?’

Michael Dillon, who lives 11 miles away from the spot where Wes Smith saw the UFO, says he captured a similar incident on his camera. In which a light appeared in the clouds before moving upwards at high speed. He said, ‘It was clear that what we witnessed was not a natural phenomenon. No human body can fly anything at that speed. According to the channel, more unsolved cases of disappearances are seen here than any other place in the world.

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According to Daily Star, in the new documentary of Discovery Channel, eyewitnesses who saw mysterious UFO have been interviewed. More than 20,000 people have gone missing since 1970 in an area from Anchorage and Juneau in the south to Utqiagvik on the north coast. Apart from this, huge footprints were also found here. People think that some big creature that eats flesh has taken them away.

The number of missing cases is more than twice the national average. Rescue workers have reported feeling dizzy and disoriented as well as hearing ghostly voices while searching for missing persons. The phenomenon of seeing lights in the sky at night also remains a mystery.

Some people believe that US military officials may have known everything about the presence of UFOs on their testing ranges. Hypnotherapist and paranormal researcher Johnny Enoch said that something strange is clearly going on in the ‘Alaska Triangle’. They estimate that senior officers of the US Army secretly know about the thing which is behind this mystery.

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