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21 year old Israeli girl caught by Hamas, now Hamas will do this to her! watch video

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Hamas Latest Controversy: A sensational video of a woman captured by Hamas has surfaced. A woman is seen in a frightened condition being held by Hamas. Mia Shem also attended the music festival. He is Israeli and was kidnapped.

The video of 21 year old Mia Shem has been released by Hamas on its Arabic Telegram channel. In the video released by Hamas, the girl said, ‘Hello, my name is Mia Shem. I am a resident of Shoham. Right now I am in Gaza. I had returned from Sderot and was attending that party (music festival). Due to serious injury to my hand, I had an operation on my hand in the hospital in Gaza, which lasted for three hours. These people are taking care of me. Giving me medicines. Everything is alright. All I want to say is that I should be taken to my parents and siblings as soon as possible.

Mia’s mother and Aunty Galit told that they too had seen Mia’s video on Telegram. Mia’s mother is extremely worried. She is scared after watching this video.

When this incident happened, Hamas had kidnapped more than 100 women and children and taken them to Gaza. They are all Israelis.

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