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This queen used to bathe with the milk of 700 donkeys for beauty!

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There have been many queens in the history of the world who have ruled the world.


Along with this, she was also known for her beauty. Today we are going to tell you about one such queen of history.

Worrying about oneself more than the people-

This queen of history was more concerned about herself than her people, she used donkey’s milk to keep herself beautiful and young.


The name of this queen is Queen Cleopatra. This Egyptian queen was known in the world for her extreme cleverness and beauty.


Cleopatra ruled Egypt from 51 BC to 30 BC.


Not only was she a great ruler, she was also a more beautiful and attractive woman.

Bathing with 700 donkey milk-

It is said that to maintain her beauty, Cleopatra used to take bath with 700 donkey’s milk every day.

Herbal paste-

Cleopatra also used to apply different types of herbal pastes on her face, which increased the glow of her skin.

Knowledge of 8 languages-

Apart from being beautiful, Queen Cleopatra was also so intelligent that apart from Greek, she also knew 8 other languages.

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