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Libya Floods: Dead bodies floating up to 100 KM on the beach…Thousands still missing, after floods in Libya now there is danger of epidemic

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Derna (Libya): Officials have demanded an investigation after the floods in Libya. This is one of the world’s worst human tragedies. There is a demand to investigate whether this horrific natural disaster which took the lives of thousands of people and caused damage to property, was not caused by any human error. Reports say that those who have survived are busy searching for their loved ones. Bodies of victims of the Derna flood have been found washed up on a beach more than 100 km away.

According to WION News, what happened on September 10 in Derna city of Libya, the whole world will never forget. Here a powerful storm caused a devastating flood which took away the entire city in the blink of an eye. The flood water broke the dams of the eastern city of Derna and in no time multi-storey buildings and the families sleeping inside were washed away. Official figures of the death toll vary, but it is in the thousands and thousands of people are also missing.

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Derna Mayor Abdulmenem al-Ghaithi expressed grave concern that the death toll in this city alone could reach 18,000 to 20,000 due to the devastation caused by the devastating floods. Speaking to news agency Reuters, he said that after a large number of dead bodies were found in the debris and water, there is now a danger of the spread of the epidemic.

There is no evidence regarding the possibility of epidemic spreading from dead bodies – Red CrossDue to the devastating floods, the bodies of the victims were found washed up on the shores 100 km away from the city. While speaking to BBC, Nasser Almansori, an engineer living in Tobruk city, more than 150 kilometers from Derna, informed that bodies of flood victims were floating near his city. On the other hand, people are also trapped under the sunken building. Libyan health officials are keeping a close eye on the potential risk of the disease spreading. However, according to Pierre Guyomarche, head of the Red Cross’s forensic unit, there is no evidence to support the belief that dead bodies could spread the epidemic.

Giving information on this matter, he said that ‘people who lose their lives due to injuries caused by natural disasters or armed conflicts rarely pose a threat to health. In fact, people who survive an event like a natural disaster are more likely to spread the disease than dead bodies.’ However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has a different opinion on this issue, they believe that the presence of dead bodies near or in water sources can pose a health risk.


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