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Drugs Smuggling and Production List Update; India China | Pakistan | America released the list of 23 countries; Narcotics are being made from Chinese chemicals

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America has released the list of countries involved in drug smuggling and their production. The name of India is also included in this. A total of 23 countries are named in the list. However, it has been said in the report that the name of any country in this list does not mean that the government there is not taking steps to stop the drug trade or that it is not cooperating with the American government in this matter.

Apart from India, the list includes countries like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, China, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bahamas, Haiti. The report said that even though governments are taking strict steps to stop the drug trade, due to geographical, commercial and economic reasons, drug production and trade is taking place in these countries.

Chemicals related to drugs are being made in many countries
This list also includes those countries which illegally manufacture chemicals used to make intoxicants. The addictive products made from such chemicals are also affecting America. In the report, China has been described as the main source of chemicals required for narcotics.

1.09 lakh people died due to drug overdose in America
According to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1.09 lakh people died due to drug overdose in America in 2022. The report states that most of the drugs that cause harm in America are produced across its border. To control this, America is working with many international partners and countries.

In fact, the majority of drug overdose deaths in the United States involve illicit synthetic drugs, and particularly synthetic opioids like fentanyl. Such drugs can be made anywhere with the help of some chemicals. Apart from this, many criminal organizations produce dangerous drugs from trees.

Afghanistan out of the list of countries that failed to control drugs
This time Afghanistan has been kept out of the list of countries which have failed to control drugs. This is because the cultivation of opium poppy and illegal narcotics has reduced to a great extent in the last one year. However, the report says that the country still needs to make more efforts to stop drug trafficking and its supply chain.

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