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This is how the world’s oldest desert looks from space, astronaut shares amazing pictures, see

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World’s oldest desert pictures from space: European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Andreas Mogensen has shared some pictures of the ‘world’s oldest desert’. He has posted these pictures of Namib Desert on social media site ‘X’ (earlier Twitter). The special thing is that these pictures have been taken from space. Andreas says that when seen from space, the world’s oldest desert looks like a meteorite.

Andreas is the first astronaut to go to space under the Iriss program of the European Space Agency. Along with the pictures, he wrote in his tweet, ‘The waving sandy sea of ​​the Namib Desert along the coast of Namibia. This is probably the oldest desert in the world, which is 55-80 million years old.

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He further wrote, ‘A little inland from the sand dunes is the Brukaros Mountains. Although it looks like a meteorite from space, it is actually a caldera approximately 4 kilometers in diameter, which was formed by an underground eruption when rising magma caused underground water to become extremely hot.’

Who is Andreas Mogensen?

According to Esa.int, the official website of the European Space Agency, ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen is Denmark’s first astronaut. He was born in 1976. He studied at an international school in Copenhagen, Denmark. After this Andreas studied Aeronautical Engineering in UK. After this he started his aerospace career in Austin, America. Andreas has also worked as an engineer in offshore oil rigs and turbine development. Mogensen returned to space in August 2023 as the first non-American to serve as pilot for his second space flight to the ISS aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon.


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