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This Islamic country hates foreigners the most, more than 40 percent people do not want minority neighbors – most racist country where minorities face discrimination iran amid hate crime against Indians in world mdj

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Amidst the ever increasing racial hatred in the world, a video is going viral. In this, an American police officer is making fun of the death of an Indian student. He says his life was worthless, and just giving him a check will do the trick. There is a lot of anger among the Indians about the officer laughing at the death of 23 year old Jhanvi Kandula. The American government itself had to assure investigation into the matter. However, the country which is on top in terms of racism is rarely mentioned.

Where is the most discrimination

World Values ​​Survey (WVS), a database organization working in 100 countries of the world, and King’s College of London jointly conducted a survey. They wanted to understand where in the world racism was most prevalent. It was assumed that Britain or America would be on top in this, but the result was something else. For this, 24 big countries were taken, where people from every corner of the world come in search of study or work.

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There is hatred among 42 percent majority in Iran

Regarding the Middle Eastern country Iran, it was found out that a large population there lives away from foreigners. In a country with Muslim majority, about 42 percent people said discriminatory things about outsiders. After this, Russia is second with 32 percent, while Japan is second with 30 percent. China is at number four.

death penalty is given

The poor situation of human rights in Iran is often talked about, but the situation is continuously worsening. The United Nations’ 2022 report acknowledges that a record number of people were sentenced to death in that year alone. 3 minors were also included in this. More than 20 thousand people were arrested in different protests. From this it can be estimated what would be happening to the people who came to Iran from outside.

CERD, the UN committee working against racial discrimination, had clearly told the Iranian government to stop violence or discrimination in work against people of other origins.

Before the arrival of Muslims, Parsi people were in majority.

At present the official religion of Iran is Shia. But here Arab, Azerbaijani, Baloch and Kurdish people are in minority. There are almost no Parsis here, even though at one time this was a Parsi-dominated country. During the Islamic Revolution, fundamentalist Shias started driving out the Parsis from the country.

The Parsi Fire Temple in Tehran was attacked and statues were broken. After this, along with the Parsis, many other minorities also left the country.

During the Islamic Revolution, many minorities were driven out of Iran. Symbolic photo (Getty Images)

Restrictions were also imposed on languages

Iran also has a long history of banning languages ​​of other countries. In the year 1926, the Azerbaijani language was banned there. If the matter could have ended here, it would probably have been fine, but along with the restriction, it was also said that if anyone spoke this language, he would be thrown into the monkey enclosure.

The term there is Tork-e-Khar. For the Azerbaijani and Turkish people, fundamentalist Shias of Iran speak this term, which means Turkish monkey.

Language teacher sentenced to 10 years imprisonment

In July 2020, a teacher, Zara Mohammadi, was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Iran. Zara’s mistake was that she was teaching Kurdish language to the children. The official language of this country is Persian. Persian is spoken and written in schools, colleges and government offices.

Only 5 percent of people in Britain make a difference

Generally, the United Kingdom has been accused of racism the most, but a recent survey believes that only 5 percent of the people here discriminate. This result is different from the survey conducted in April this year, which called the UK the most racist in the world. Researchers from the Economic and Social Research Council claimed that 1 in every 3 minorities in Britain suffered a hate crime. The survey was conducted on 14 thousand people from 21 minority communities, who were living in the UK.

Jews received the most hatred in the world. Symbolic photo (Getty Images)

Which race is facing the most discrimination?

Jews were the most victims of hate crimes in the world. This hatred is called antisemitism. The American Jewish Committee (AJC) brought out several research papers on this. It tells how the period came in the medieval period when the Catholic community started hating the Jews. He started believing that it was because of the Jews that children in his house fell ill or animals died. The Jewish genocide that took place during Hitler’s era was the world’s largest racial violence.

facing violence in America also

Now most of the Jews are settled in America after Israel, but racism still did not leave them. Since they are far ahead in work, business and medicine, other people get irritated with them. It has come to be called the Jewish lobby.

The American intelligence agency Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been keeping data about what is happening to the Jews every year since 1990. According to him, between 600 to 1200 incidents of hate crime happen to them every year since the beginning of the nineties.

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