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Russia’s Wagner Army declared a terrorist organization in Britain, property of its members will be seized, provision for strict punishment also

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Wagner Group Declared Terrorist Organization In Britain: The British Parliament has taken strict action after bringing a proposal to ban Russia’s private army. The government has declared the Wagner Group of Russian mercenaries a terrorist organization. After this step of the government, it will become illegal to support this group and become its member in Britain.

At the same time, for some crimes related to banned terrorist organizations, the punishment can be up to 14 years of imprisonment and the members can be declared terrorists and their property can also be confiscated. The government had presented a proposal in Parliament this month to ban the Wagner Group.

Wagner Group is a threat to the world

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Britain had recently expressed concern over the Wagner Group and called it a threat to the world. On the other hand, after the death of the group’s chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, Britain said that it is necessary to ban it, otherwise it can put the whole world in danger. The British government alleged that the Wagner Group played an important role in the Russia-Ukraine war. Its fighters have been involved in the civil wars in Syria and many African countries.

provision of harsh punishment

Britain’s Indian-origin Home Minister Suella Braverman had recently accused the Wagner Group of looting, torture and brutal murder. He said that their activities are dangerous not only for Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa but for the entire world. He has directly accused the fighters of Wagner Group of being terrorists.

In Britain, a provision of harsh punishment of 14 years is being made for the crimes of involvement in banned terrorist organizations. If the involvement of Wagner Group is found out, the government will declare the properties of the members as the property of terrorists and seize them.


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