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More than 18 thousand migrants were deported, ignoring traffic rules proved costly

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Violation of traffic rules will cost heavily

Strict action is being taken against people violating traffic rules in KUWAIT. A security operation has been launched by the Ministry of Interior with the help of which the accused violating traffic rules will be arrested throughout Kuwait. This will help in security operations to take action against migrants who violate traffic rules.

It is mandatory to take action against migrants for violating traffic rules.

More than 18000 migrants deported

According to the information received, officials have said that between March and August, more than 18,000 migrants have been deported for various violations including traffic rules.

The accused had violated these rules

In this case, Traffic Awareness Department has said that 18,486 expats have been deported in these 6 months alone. All these accused have been booked for serious traffic violations like crossing red light, driving against traffic signs, driving without license, speeding etc.

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