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Elvish Yadav celebrates birthday in dubai gets gift 10 Crore Rolls Roy | Elvish Yadav: Elvish’s friends gave a grand surprise of ‘Rolls Royce’ worth Rs 10 crore as a birthday gift.

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Got a surprise of Rs 10 crore from friends
In his birthday-vlog, Elvish shows that he goes out for lunch with his friends. There, Elvish cuts the cake and after that his friends surprise him by bringing a Rolls Royce car for him. Elvish gets excited after seeing the car. After this the friends ask them to drive the car. Elvish gets very excited after driving the car. Elvish says I want this car now. On this, Elvish’s friends say that you should consider it as your own car. However, Elvish says that now he will definitely buy this car for himself because he has liked it very much.

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Elvish will buy ‘Rolls Royce’
Watching the birthday-vlog video of Elvish, it has become clear that Elvish has got this car not forever but to drive for some time. Sharing this video, Elvish wrote, ‘He gifted me a Rolls Royce on my birthday’. This video has received 1 million views till the time of writing this news. Now we are going to return after celebrating the Elvish birthday.

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