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Amazing! This red sweater was sold for Rs 8 crore, there is a race among the rich to buy it, why? – sweater red color with sheep sold in one million dollars worn by british royal princess diana tstsh

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You must have seen the most expensive clothes in your life. Whose price is in thousands or rather lakhs. But have you ever heard of a sweater whose price runs into crores? But it really is so. A red sweater was recently auctioned for Rs 8.24 crore. There was a competition among the rich to buy it. If you look at it carefully, you can see sheep made of black and white wool. The auction has been conducted in New York, America.

The auction of sweaters started on August 31. Till the end it was believed that the sweater would be sold for Rs 1.64 crore. But then everything changed in the last few minutes. The company that auctioned it expected that it would get only between Rs 41 lakh to Rs 66 lakh. But she was surprised when the amount reached above Rs 1 crore. All this did not stop here but more surprises were yet to come. The person did not reveal his identity but bought the sweater for Rs 8.24 crore.

Why was the sweater sold at such a high price?

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Although this is a simple sweater, but why was it sold for so much money? Now let us know the answer to this question. Actually, its price increased so much because of the person who wore it. This means that this sweater did not belong to any ordinary person, but to Princess Diana of the British royal family. Many pictures of her wearing this sweater are also available on social media.

The items related to them are being auctioned one by one for some time now. Her wedding dress and car were also auctioned. But the sweater has been sold at the highest price. The design of the sweater has been seen as a symbol of Diana’s place in the royal family.

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