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‘Poor marketing…’ Men working shirtless in women’s salon, PHOTOS surfaced – shirtless male workers in female salon social media viral pictures videos china probe tstsh

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Brands adopt different methods for their marketing. These include everything from advertising to giving discounts to people. But in this case something happened which no one expected. People are very angry on social media regarding this. The matter is that men have been hired in a women’s salon. These men are working here shirtless. The video of this salon went viral on social media. Pictures also surfaced. On which people are expressing a lot of anger. Women come to the salon to get manicure done.

According to the report of South China Morning Post, it was seen in the viral video that some men were wearing aprons, while some were not even wearing them. He is seen providing salon services to women here. When the owner of this place was asked about this, he replied that this is his marketing policy.

Men working shirtless in women’s salon (pic – social media)

He said that he is running his store legally. He had also made the viral video himself to woo the customers. She said that usually the staff people wear the same clothes as the employees of any other salon. But when the video was made, the employees were made to take off their clothes to show off.

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Investigation started after receiving complaints

She said that the women shown as customers in the video are actually employees of the salon. This salon is present in Kunming, China. Which is located in Yunnan province. Seeing the increasing public opposition in the matter, the local market supervision officer said that he has started investigation after receiving complaints from the people.

Men working shirtless in women’s salon (pic – social media)

A male employee working in the shop said that he has been doing this work for three years. Even the medium of marketing is fine but now more and more men have started coming into this profession. Although people have called it poor marketing. He says that even women will not like this. People said on social media that shopkeepers are going to any extent for money.

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