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‘India reached the moon and we…’, Pakistanis angry at their own government over Miss Universe controversy – miss universe pakistan controversy govt contact uae people anger on govt said india on moon and we are still here tlifwe

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The ongoing controversy in Pakistan regarding Miss Universe contest is increasing. Actually, this is the first time in the history of Pakistan that a Pakistani girl will participate in the Miss Universe contest. But the caretaker government of Pakistan and the fundamentalist people there are angry with this.

According to Pakistani news website Daily Jang and The News, five women from Pakistan have been selected to represent Pakistan in the Miss Universe pageant. This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that there will be any representation from Pakistan in the world’s most watched beauty pageant.

However, after this news came out, the caretaker government of Pakistan and the fundamentalist people there are angry. The government has been so shocked by the news of Pakistani woman participating in the Miss Universe contest that Pakistan’s acting Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakkar has asked the Foreign Ministry to talk to the UAE government about the company based there ( How can the Government elect someone to represent Pakistan without the approval of the Government of Pakistan?

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Pakistani YouTuber angry at government

After this order of Pakistan government, many Pakistani women are venting their anger on the government. Pakistani YouTuber Alia Shah released a video saying, “People do not have bread to eat, people are dying of hunger. Electricity bills are coming so high that people are committing suicide. Terrorism is at its peak, explosions in Pakistan.” These are happening. But the issue for us is not all this. The issue for us is that we should get the IB to investigate how these girls can dare to go to Miss Universe and who is this company that is allowing them to participate in it. She is saying.

He further said that the biggest issue of our country is that from journalists to the acting Prime Minister and the Intelligence Bureau, it is an issue that how these girls reached to participate in Miss Universe and who are these girls who are participating in Miss Universe. Will participate.

These five girls will represent Pakistan

According to Pakistani news website, the girls who will represent Pakistan for Miss Universe include 24-year-old Erica Rabin from Karachi, 24-year-old Hira Inam from Lahore, 28-year-old Jessica Wilson from Rawalpindi, 19-year-old American-born Pakistani-origin Malika Alvi and 26 year old Sabrina Wasim from Punjab province.

According to the report, more than 200 Pakistani girls had participated in the competition organized to be selected for Miss Universe. Of these, five were selected. Erica Robin of Pakistan came first. After which Erica Robin, a resident of Karachi, was crowned in a resort in Maldives, after which this controversy started.

India reached the moon and we are still jihadis

Alia Shah further said, “We cannot move forward like this. Where has the world come from and where are we now? It is a matter of great regret that when girls are getting a chance to move forward, efforts are being made to stop them. Let them go ahead. Our neighboring country India has sent Chandrayaan-3 to the Moon. With this success, their Moon mission has been completed. India has also sent its Solar Mission. Since the Miss Universe contest, Only Indian girls are participating in this, no one there has any problem with it.

But currently big issues are going on in Pakistan, but here the mindset of not only the common people but also the politicians is the same as Jihadi. It seems as if we will never get out of it.

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