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Raveena Tandon Son Ranbir Thadani Latest Photo Viral Fans Said Twin Of Akshay Kumar – Ranbir Thadani became double the height of his parents, seeing the personality of Raveena Tandon’s son, people said

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Ranbir Thadani became double the height of his parents, seeing the personality of Raveena Tandon's son, people said - Akshay Kumar's twin.

Raveena Tandon’s son’s latest photo goes viral

New Delhi :

Raveena Tandon is called the ‘Mast Mast Girl’ of Bollywood. People are crazy about Raveena Tandon’s beauty even today. Raveena Tandon’s daughter Rasha Tandon is also no less than her mother in terms of glamour. But have you ever seen Raveena’s son? Yes, Raveena Tandon also has a son, whose name is Ranbir Thadani. Many people know about Rasha and she is also active on social media. But in today’s post we are going to introduce you to Raveena’s son Ranbir Thadani.

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Raveena Tandon’s son Ranbir Thadani keeps himself away from the limelight. But recently, a family photo of Raveena Tandon is going viral on social media, in which her entire family is visible. In this photo you can see Anil Thadani, Ranbir, Rasha and Raveena Tandon. This photo is from a few months ago, when Ranbir had attended his sister Rasha’s farewell party. Raveena Tandon had shared this photo on her Instagram, after seeing which the fans were surprised.

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You can see that Ranbir has become taller than his parents in the photo. Already, he looks no less than a Bollywood hero in personality. After seeing Ranbir, some people have remembered Akshay Kumar. Commenting on the photo, a user wrote, ‘His personality is exactly like Akshay Kumar’. So one wrote, ‘He looks like Akshay Kumar’s twin’. In this way, many comments were received on the photo.

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