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Whoever bought it returned it… The ‘cursed’ painting was finally sold, what is its secret? – cursed painting sold in auction 1 64 lakh rupees after returned twice know mystery behind it tstsh

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This painting must be looking just like normal paintings to you. But the secret behind this can never be detected by the viewer at first sight. It was sold twice, but people kept returning it again and again. He would also explain the reason behind it, due to which the shopkeeper would have to take it back. But now it has finally been sold. It has been sold for 1600 pounds (about Rs 1.64 lakh). This is a painting of a little girl. Which people often call scary. However, someone bought it in the online auction.

The painting went viral when it was placed with a warning outside a charity shop in East Sussex, Britain. It was written in it, ‘She has returned. Sold twice and returned twice. Are you brave enough to buy it?’ The name of the charity shop where it is kept is Hastings Advice and Representation Center (HARC). It was last bought in the month of August by a woman named Zoe Elliott Brown. She talked about this on a TV channel and said that after buying the painting, she felt as if a ‘black figure’ was following her and that is why she came to return it to the shop.

Why was the painting returned for the first time?

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Eliot Brown also came to the same shop again to see if anyone had bought it for the third time. He saw that the painting was kept like that. She took it to her home and auctioned it online. He had kept its amount at Rs 46 thousand. But its bidding kept increasing and finally the painting was sold for Rs 1.64 lakh. She will give 50 percent of this amount to the shopkeeper. Let us tell you, the woman who first bought it, while returning it, said that the aura of the painting was not good. That’s why she wants to return it. Looking at the eyes of the girl seen in the painting, it seems as if she is looking at you.

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