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83 years… More than two lakh minors, dirty work was going on in the Catholic Church of Spain; Revealed in the report

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AP, Madrid. A shocking report has come out regarding the Roman Catholic Church of Spain. This report says that thousands of people have been sexually abused in the Catholic Church. This survey has been done by Spain’s National Ombudsman Angel Gabilondo.

In fact, after an 18-month independent investigation, 487 cases involving victims who spoke to the Ombudsman’s team were examined. Many shocking revelations were made in this conversation. He submitted a nearly 800-page report to the speaker of the lower house of the Spanish Parliament.

Priests tried to hide cases of sexual abuse

Gabilondo said in a statement that in this report the victims have described their state of suffering and loneliness. He admitted that there had been attempts to conceal cases of sexual abuse by the church’s clergy. 0.6% of them have identified priests who sexually abused them.

What is survey?

In fact, in March 2022, the Spanish Parliament had formed an investigation team into allegations of sexual abuse of boys and girls in the Catholic Church. The team investigating the allegations against the Roman Catholic Church came to know of many important things. The report on sexual abuse revealed that since 1940, more than 2 lakh minors have been sexually abused in the Roman Catholic Church. The report said 0.6% of more than 8,000 adults surveyed said they were sexually abused by members of the clergy when they were children. Which means that from 1940 till now, equivalent to two lakh people have been exploited.

Although the church claims that 927 cases of sexual abuse have been detected through the complaint process, the investigating team has presented more cases in its report. The Spanish newspaper El Pais had also investigated these allegations in the year 2018. According to the newspaper report, 2,206 cases and 1,036 accused were exposed since 1927.

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Not only Spain, these countries are also included in the list of allegations

Let us tell you that cases like Spain have also been reported in America, Europe, Chile and Australia. An independent commission in France reported in 2021 that 216,000 children had been sexually abused since 1950. The survey estimates that this is the first time such a high number of victims of sexual abuse have been identified in Spain.

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