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A 6-year-old innocent boy was stabbed 26 times with an 8-inch knife, a hate crime by an elderly American.

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Hate Crime in USA: On one hand, the war between Israel and Hamas is moving towards its peak. The screens of social media have been completely covered with pictures of devastation and destruction. But in the meantime, the whole world was shaken by the news that came out. Because the war is being fought between Israel and Hamas on the Gaza Strip, but its impact is being seen in America.

6 year old Palestinian child brutally murdered

Murdered by a mad old man

In fact, in America, a 71 year old mad man killed an innocent 6 year old Palestinian child. But the manner in which this murder was carried out has shocked everyone.

Whoever heard the incident cried

After knowing this unmatched picture of cruelty and its complete truth, a flood of tears flowed from the eyes of a Palestinian woman living in Plainfield. This woman named Iman Negrete had started the Teddy Bear Foundation outside the child’s house. When his words came out through wet eyelids and a choked throat, the eyes of the listeners became moist.

Teddy Bear Foundation started for the sake of children

She said, “I tried to start a Teddy Bear Foundation just for that child and his mother. But who knew that he would have to pay such a heavy price for being a Muslim.” He said that it is really beyond comprehension why a 71-year-old man killed an innocent 6-year-old child so brutally. Gave. It has been revealed that the innocent child named Wadeya Al Faomi was stabbed about 26 times with an eight-inch knife. And that too when that child had just started life.

Punishment for child being a Muslim

Iman Negrete asked what was the fault of that child, was his crime that he was a Muslim. He said that we are also Muslims and we are also from Palestine and have been living in America for 20 years. But with regret we have to say that we no longer feel safe here. The woman tearfully told that her daughter had kept two teddy bears for 6 year old Wadeya and his mother. He brought me a teddy bear and told me that the brown teddy bear was the mother of the smaller and blue teddy. We named both those teddy bears after Vadeya and her mother. And what a pity that to pay tribute to him, we have to keep that teddy bear outside his house at this time. It is very sad to know that the child is no more in this world but his mother is struggling between life and death and is in the hospital. To pay tribute to that child, people are also coming here and keeping teddy bears.

Hate crime increased in America

According to Reuters, the woman Iman Negrete said that we are sitting in America and suffering the consequences of whatever is going on between Israel and Hamas. Of course, we are not there but despite living in America, some people have even labeled me a terrorist on my Facebook. Even if it had come to this, it is a matter of luck, I have three uncles and all three are American citizens, and at present all three are stranded in Palestine. He is not able to come to America, that too only because he was a resident of Palestine.

Islamophobia in Chicago

Actually, this whole matter is like this that it has been revealed from the Bill County Sheriff Office in Chicago that during the investigation, it was revealed that a 71 year old man murdered a child. It has been learned that the effect of the war that broke out between Hamas and Israel was that the old man attacked the child because he was a Muslim. An alert has now been issued in many counties of America for violence due to sentiments of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

26 years with an eight inch knife

Actually, this incident is being reported on Saturday morning when this serious incident was carried out in a lonely house, 65 kilometers away from Chicago. Two blood soaked bodies were found in a house. Both were taken to the hospital, where the six-year-old boy was declared dead. The post mortem report revealed that the boy was stabbed 26 times with a knife.

Accused old man arrested

Whereas the boy’s mother was attacked with a knife more than a dozen times. According to police, the woman called 911 to report that her landlord had attacked her with a knife. After this she ran into the bathroom and he continued fighting with her. Police have arrested the accused Joseph M Kazuba. He was found sitting on the ground on the road near his house. There were injury marks on his forehead. Police have booked the accused on charges of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and two counts of hate crime and assault with a weapon.

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