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A mountain of sorrow fell on girls in Morocco, houses destroyed by earthquake, now they are being made victims of forced marriage and lust.

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Morocco Earthquake: Women’s rights activists and organizations are on high alert after the terrible earthquake in Morocco. The reason is online posts about women and girls. In fact, after the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred on September 8 near the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the situation has become quite frightening, especially for minor girls. An online post said, ‘Why would you marry a useless man who wants to wear revealing and tight clothes, do it with girls (minors) who don’t ask anything from you.’


The African country Morocco is facing the tragedy of a terrible earthquake. The natural disaster that occurred on September 8 has shaken the country. But this earthquake has brought even greater devastation for women and girls.


Following the powerful earthquake, posts are being shared online by men seeking to exploit and marry women and girls left homeless. Seeing these posts on social media, women’s rights activists and organizations are on high alert.


Various types of posts are being shared on Facebook on a page named ‘City Girls’. One post reads, ‘Why would you want to marry a man who asks you to wear tight clothes and expensive clothes to show off your body and money to raise your child? Marry those girls who don’t demand anything from you.


In another Instagram story, a volunteer engaged in rescue work after the earthquake shared a photo of a 10-year-old girl standing near him and wrote, ‘She whispered in my ear and said when I grow up, I will marry you.’


Politics4Her founder and social activist Yasmina Benslimane said, ‘Here men are advocating marrying these girls (minors), some of them are justifying it on the basis of their religion. They are saying that even if they are young, we will save them by marrying them.


A 20-year-old student from Erachidia city has been arrested this week in connection with posting such objectionable material online about women and girls. At the same time, this boy had advised people through online posts to travel to earthquake affected areas, so that girls could be trapped there.


Apart from forced marriage, trafficking and sexual harassment of minor girls, sanitary pads regarding menstruation have also become a topic of discussion. The girls here do not even know about their use, it is believed that criminal elements are tricking them into getting married by giving them the excuse of stopping menstruation.

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