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Aarya 3 Review: The journey of ‘Arya’ ended, Sushmita Sen’s strong acting added life to the story – Aarya 3 review sushmita sen powerful performance but disappointing end tmovb

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In 2020, when we all were looking for entertainment, Sushmita Sen appeared with the crime thriller series ‘Arya’. With this series, the actress made a comeback into acting after a long time. The first season of ‘Arya’ was very powerful, in which Sushmita won everyone’s hearts with her powerful acting. After the success of the first season, its second season came in 2021. The second season was also well liked. After a long wait of two years, its third season came in November last year, the second part of which has been released this Friday. Let us know how successful ‘Arya Last War’ has been in leaving an impression on the hearts of the audience.

What is the story of ‘Antim Vaar’?
The story of ‘Arya Last War’ started from where its first part ended. Arya is struggling to save her family from Nalini Sahiba (Ila Arun), the Russians and ACP Khan. Arya’s only mission is to keep the enemies in her pocket by becoming the world’s biggest drugs supplier. Arya wants to give happiness to her children by doing wrong things, but this weighs heavily on her and all three of her children start hating her. Gradually the circumstances turn against Arya. The police takes his drugs worth thousands of crores into their possession. Here Arya’s own people are bent on betraying her. In such a situation, to know how Arya wins over enemies, circumstances and her loved ones, you will have to watch ‘Arya Aakhri Vaar’.

Why watch the series?
First of all, if you are a fan of Sushmita, then this series is a must watch. On the other hand, if you have followed all its seasons, then you will enjoy watching ‘Antim Vaar’. There are a total of four episodes in the series. Sushmita is seen doing very impressive acting in the role of Don. Looking at her, it seemed as if she was living the character of a drug mafia. Apart from Sushmita, Sikandar Kher, Ila Arun and Vikas Kumar were also seen doing very well in their respective roles. Sikandar is a good actor and you get to know this clearly by watching the series.

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Where did the mistake happen?

There is no doubt that Arya series is good, but the beginning of the episode is quite slow. Meaning, if you do not have patience, you will not be able to watch the series. The first episode of ‘Arya Last War’ is so slow that you will start yawning. When Sushmita moves towards her final attack, you can easily tell what is going to happen next in the story. Simply put, the story is predictable. Secondly, the important thing is that the sword fighting scene of Sushmita shown in the trailer was kept very short in the series. It would have been nice if he had kept it a little longer. Ila Arun could also have been given good screen space, but it was not done.

Watching the series, it also feels like the makers have completed the story of ‘Arya Last War’ very hastily. So if you are thinking of watching the series expecting a lot of Wow…, then sorry boss, don’t think like that. Arya’s journey has ended with ‘Arya Final Vaar’. But the end of Arya’s last journey leaves you disappointed.

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