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Afghan Refugee: Signs of oppression and cruelty are visible on Afghan refugees to expel them from Pakistan – Pakistan Forcing Lakhs Of Afghan Refugees To Leave Country With Oppression And Cruelty

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Pakistan forcing lakhs of Afghan Refugees to leave country with oppression and cruelty

Afghan Refugees
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Pakistan has started forcibly expelling Afghan refugees from the country. In order to force more than 17 lakh Afghan refugees to leave their homes, their houses are being demolished, money is being snatched from them and the fear of arrest is being shown, crossing the limits of cruelty.

On October 3, Pakistan had warned around 2 million Afghan refugees to leave Pakistan within a month. During this time, the United Nations, rights groups and western countries called on Pakistan not to forcibly deport people. According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNSCR), there are about 4 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Of these, more than 20 lakh have been living in Pakistan for about 40 years, many of whom were even born there. About 20 lakh came to Pakistan in 2021 during the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan.

According to Abdul Nasir Khan, Deputy Commissioner of Khyber Tribal District, about 24,000 people entered Afghanistan from the Afghan Torkham border on Wednesday. According to the Pakistan government, as of Wednesday, more than two lakh Afghans have voluntarily left the country. Apart from this, about three lakh Afghan refugees are gathered on the border. In a video posted on X with a handle named Journalist V, a man who reached Afghanistan from Pakistan is crying and telling that while crossing the border, Pakistani police snatched 50 thousand Pakistani rupees from him. Police say that they cannot take Pakistani currency to Afghanistan.

Countries supporting Muslims are silent

Refugees say that when the countries that support Islam and Muslims are silent on the cruelty of Pakistan, then other countries of the world cannot be expected to raise their voice against the atrocities being committed on them. In fact, Pakistan itself is among those countries which have been making a lot of noise over the deportation of Rohingya infiltrators in India. Apart from this, Pakistan had also linked Rohingya deportation to Islam. But now, despite being an Islamic country, Pakistan is forcibly expelling Afghan Muslims from the country. More or less, this is the condition of the people of Gaza.

Pakistani security forces have razed the houses of thousands of people to the ground with bulldozers. These people are taking out essential items from the debris and leaving Pakistan in disarray. At the same time, there is a queue several kilometers long at the border, where people are lying under the open sky, hungry and thirsty. Even newborn children are not able to get milk and water.

This is why Pakistan is driving away Afghans

Pakistan claims that Afghan refugees are behind the recent major suicide blasts across the country. However, most of these people are the same who came to Pakistan after the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan. Pakistan has received more than Rs 2,273 crore ($273 million) from America alone in the name of helping these refugees.

Why doesn’t Taliban want to accept?

According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, about 2 million Afghans fled to Pakistan after the Taliban took over. Taliban considers these people against itself. This is the reason why I don’t want to let them come back. However, the Taliban’s argument is that these people have been living outside for many decades. They should not be forced to return.

Why Pakistan-Taliban face to face

According to a report by Wilson Center, Pakistan took an amount of $ 3,200 crore from America in the name of eliminating Taliban and terrorism and kept silently helping Taliban. It hoped to colonize Afghanistan, but the Taliban refused to accept Pakistani control.

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