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Afghanistan Taliban Govt Higher Education Minister Neda Mohammad Nadim Said Women And Men Not Equal | Afghanistan Minister: Taliban minister in Afghanistan spewed venom against women, said

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Afghanistan Minister On Women: Neda Mohammad Nadim, the acting Higher Education Minister of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, made statements against women on Sunday (October 1). Speaking at a gathering at Baghlan University, he said that men and women are not equal according to Islamic Sharia law. According to the report of Kabul news agency Tolo, he said that we are in the process of eliminating the Taliban system related to women.

Neda Mohammad Nadeem, while targeting the western countries, said that the western countries promote equality between men and women, but both are not the same. He justified the steps taken by the Taliban government against women. He emphasized during the meeting that women and men are not equal. Allah has made a difference between men and women.

‘Science subject is not suitable for women’
Afghanistan’s Education Minister Neda Mohammad Nadeem said that according to the law of nature, men are superior to women. We cannot prove this to be false on the basis of logic. He called men rulers and tried to explain that men can exercise authority over women. A woman should obey the orders given by a man and women should remain under them. Women should obey everything men say.

The minister, appointed by the Taliban regime, argued that science subjects were not suitable for women, arguing that these subjects taught at universities violate the principles of Islam.

Dignity and respect of female students
The Taliban minister said that engineering, agriculture and some other courses do not match the dignity and respect of female students and Afghan culture. Madrassas teaching women across the country have been closed by the Taliban in accordance with the law as this was necessary to prevent mixing of the sexes. The Taliban-ruled Education Ministry directed school principals and teachers to announce across the province that no girl above the age of 10 is allowed to study in primary schools.

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Afghanistan is separating girls and boys in schools based on their gender and age and asking girls in third grade to go home.

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