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After Defense Minister China PLA nuclear powered submarine goes missing China’s nuclear submarine sinks in the Yellow Sea, 100 sailors killed! Is Dragon hiding information about the accident?

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Beijing: China’s defense sector is currently going through a bad phase. In August 2023, there were reports that a Chinese nuclear-capable submarine had met with a serious accident while passing through the Taiwan Strait. It is being told that nothing is left in this accident. China’s Defense Ministry is maintaining silence about this. But apart from the ministry, its Defense Minister Li Shangfu has been missing for the last two weeks. Because of this he remains in the news. According to experts on China affairs, China would hardly try to hide this accident.

Defense Minister also disappeared

The news of the Type 093 or Shang class nuclear submarine, one of the most powerful submarines of the PLA-Navy, being the victim of an accident started coming in from August 21. Some reports said that the entire 100 sailors in the submarine had been lost. However, no report related to this has been confirmed by China. China has six Shang-class nuclear-powered submarines. America believes that the investigation of China’s Defense Minister is ongoing. Shangfu has been stripped of all responsibilities as Defense Minister. The disappearance of the Defense Minister points towards turmoil in the higher ranks of the Communist Party of China. There is no information available on whether there is any connection between the submarine accident and the investigation against the Defense Minister.

Taiwan changed its stance

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has also responded to this. Only last month, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry had said that it could not confirm the submarine accident. But he has now changed his stance. Taiwan responded this week that this matter is sensitive and in such a situation it would not be right for it to comment on it. However, unlike the initial reports, according to the information now emerging, the accident took place in the Yellow Sea. Whereas initially it was said that the accident took place in the Taiwan Strait. Major General Huang Wenqi, assistant director of the Intelligence Office of the General Staff Headquarters of Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, said he would not comment. He said that this information is ‘highly confidential’. Also very sensitive.

China is expert in hiding information

The Shang class is a major part of China’s second generation nuclear attack submarines. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLA) currently has six of these types of submarines in service. These are considered the backbone of the Navy’s submarine fleet. Advanced Chinese submarines such as the Type 093A and Type 093B SSN are advanced versions of the Type 093. Tension with Taiwan has been at its peak for several months. China had started large-scale military drills to surround Taiwan. A few days later, news of the submarine accident came to light. According to experts, China can hide this accident in the same way as it had hidden the information about its soldiers killed in the Galwan violence.

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