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After the battlefield, now Russia and Ukraine face to face in the world’s biggest court, hearing from today – ICJ Russia Ukraine War matter into International Court of Justice Genocide Putin Zelensky ntc

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Russia and Ukraine, which were fighting on the battlefield till now, will now face each other in the world’s biggest court. A hearing is going to be held on Monday in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) regarding the Russia and Ukraine war. In fact, Ukraine had raised this matter in the ICJ just a few days after the Russian attack on February 24 last year. Ukraine says that Russia is making a mockery of international law by justifying this attack.

Russia has claimed on Ukraine’s allegation that it had decided to attack Ukraine to stop the genocide in Ukraine. Now Russia will present its claim before the International Court.

On February 24 last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin had declared war against Ukraine by calling it a ‘special military operation’. Since then the war between the two is going on. Russia had claimed that genocide was taking place in Ukraine and it was its responsibility to protect the people from it.

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Ukraine had taken this matter to the International Court. Ukraine argues that Russia is abusing international law by saying the attack was necessary to stop alleged genocide in eastern Ukraine.

Russia accuses Ukraine of genocide

Russia has often accused Ukraine of committing genocide. Russia wants the International Court to dismiss this case. This matter is to be heard till 27th September. Russia also says that Ukraine is using this case to mislead to justify its military action.

However, Ukraine got a big relief from the International Court in March this year. Because in the initial decision the ICJ had ordered Russia to immediately stop military action in Ukraine. However, Russia says that issuing any order in this matter does not fall under the jurisdiction of the International Court. At the same time, Ukraine says that ICJ can interfere in this. This argument of Ukraine has the support of 32 more countries.

Russia has so far ignored the decisions of the International Court, but experts believe that if the final decision of the court is in favor of Ukraine, then it can claim for compensation in the future.

Juliet McIntyre, a law lecturer at the University of South Australia, told the news agency that if the court finds that the military action taken by Russia was not justified under the Genocide Convention, then Ukraine can claim compensation in the future.

Under the UN’s 1948 Genocide Convention, if any crime is committed with the intent to destroy, completely or partially, a nation, race, ethnicity or religious group, it will be considered genocide.

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