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After the success of ‘Gadar 2’, Sunny Deol is going to work with these five veteran directors! – After ‘Gadar 2’, Sunny Deol is going to work with four veteran Bollywood directors jp dutta anil sharma abbas mustan rajkumar santoshi

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Fans will jump with joy after hearing the names of the directors of Sunny Deol’s upcoming films.

sunny deol upcoming films

Sunny is going to do wonders in the coming years

24 September 2023 ,Updated: 24 September 2023, 15:21 ist,

Updated: 24 September 2023 15:21 ist


Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 proved to be a huge hit. After this, the market of discussions became heated that Sunny will do the sequel of his two films. These films will be ‘Border’ and ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’. But now news is coming that Sunny is talking to many big directors. Anil Sharma is also included in this. Let us now expand on this point.

Sunny Deol has recently given a blockbuster film. In such a situation, he wants to choose his next projects very carefully. So that the people who are on their side remain. For this, he is in talks with five big directors. Who are they?

1. Rajkumar Santoshi

According to Box Office Bollywood, Sunny Deol is in talks with Rajkumar Santoshi. And this is in advanced stage. It is possible that things could happen between the two. Sunny has previously worked with him in many films including ‘Ghayal’, ‘Ghatak’ and ‘Damini’. According to the information received so far, this unnamed film is being produced by Aamir Khan’s banner. This film can become Sunny’s first film to go on floors after the historic success of ‘Gadar 2’. However, Sunny currently has her film ‘Baap’. Jackie Shroff, Mithun and Sanjay Dutt will be seen with him in this. Apart from this, a film is being made on Ram Janmabhoomi case. In this also Sanjay Dutt will be with Sunny.

2. Abbas-Mustan

There are also reports that Sunny may work on an action thriller with Abbas-Mustan. He has also met Abbas-Mustan in this regard. Sunny has just heard the idea of ​​the film. The narration of the complete script is still pending. Before this, Abbas-Mustan have made films like ‘Baazigar’, ‘Khiladi’, ‘Soldier’ ​​and ‘Race’.

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3. JP Dutta

There is talk of making a sequel to ‘Border’. In such a situation, Sunny is also talking to director JP Dutta. It is being said that this film will be announced soon. According to media reports, ‘Border’ is being planned as the biggest war movie in the history of Indian cinema. Therefore it will take about a year to hit the floors. It is being said that Sunny is interested to work in it. Now negotiations on his fees are going on.

4. Anil Sharma

‘Gadar 2’ is the biggest film of Sunny’s career. It was made by Anil Sharma. Sunny is going to do another film with Anil. This will be the sequel of ‘Apne’. ‘Apne 2’ has been in the writing stage for some time. The entire Deol family is involved in this project. This film can also start from next year.

However, according to Box Office Worldwide, Sunny will decide on his lineup after returning from America. Which means which film he has to do first and which one later.

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