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After years, Mumtaz revealed why she did not see Dev Anand’s face in her last moments.

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Entertainment Desk, New Delhi. One of the legendary actresses of Hindi cinema mumtaz Has ruled the hearts of fans for years with his acting. Even today, millions of his fans are present all over the world. Everyone was crazy about Mumtaz, one of the best actresses of the 60s and 70s. Now recently he has shared many stories related to Dev Anand.

Let us tell you that mumtaz late actor Dev Anand with ‘Tere Mere Sapne’, ‘Hare Ram Hare Krishna’ Had worked in many films like. Talking about Dev Saheb, he said, ‘The way he used to walk, shake his head, I don’t think people of this generation can carry it forward. He had his own personality and people accepted it and showered love on him’.

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Refused to play the role of sister

actress mumtaz Shared an anecdote. The actress was shown as husband and wife in the first film with Dev Anand, but when Dev Anand approached him for his second film, he had some reservations. Actress Mumtaz told that she ‘Hare Ram Hare Krishna’ He came to meet me at home and told me the story of the film.

He wanted me to play the role of his sister in that film. After this I thought that after playing a married couple in the first film, wouldn’t it look strange if we play a brother-sister in our second film. So, I refused to play the role of her sister and offered to play the role of an actress instead.

After this, Dev Saheb told me that the sister’s role in the film is very big and I should not leave it, but I did not agree. first movie ‘Dreams of yours and mine’ Our pairing was liked a lot and Dev Saheb also agreed to this. After this he let me choose the role I wanted to play in the film.

Dev Anand used to call him Mumji

Talking about her personal relationship with the actor, the actress said that ‘Dev Saheb loved me very much. I was very close to Dev Saheb and he used to call me Mumji. Dev Saheb would often ask me to choose his scarf during the shoot. I felt proud to see that Dev Saheb was giving importance to my choice.

That’s why I didn’t see your face for the last time

Along with this the actress mumtaz He also explained why he had refused to see Dev Anand’s face at the time of his demise. Talking about this, the actress said, ‘Sadly, where I live… in Mayfair, London. His hotel was at some distance from there, where he died. Many people came and asked to see him, but I refused. I wanted him in my heart and mind as the evergreen Dev Saheb. I can’t bear to see him like that.

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