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Agra Teenagers Shoot Teacher In Leg Call Themselves Gangster In Camera – Just shot 1 time, 39 times left…: Boys shot teacher in leg and called themselves gangsters

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UP Police (symbolic photo)

In Agra, Uttar Pradesh, two boys shot their teacher in the leg and also recorded a video calling themselves “gangsters” (UP Crime News), now this video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This information has been given by the police. In the video going viral, both the boys are seen threatening to shoot their teacher 39 more times. The name of the injured teacher is Sumit, he is undergoing treatment in the hospital. However, both the boys who shot the teacher have been arrested and a case has also been registered against them.

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‘There are still 39 shots left’

In the video going viral, both the boys are using abusive words for their teacher. The boys have claimed that they will return after six months to shoot the teacher again. He said that he wants to shoot his teacher 40 times, 39 times are still left. This threat from boys is very disturbing.

Teenagers call themselves ‘gangsters’ in video

Let us tell you that last year three children were arrested in a murder case in Delhi. Police said that the three children were influenced by gangster films like ‘Pushpa’ and ‘Bhaukaal’. They had also made a video of the murder to upload on social media. Now once again a similar video of young boys has surfaced, in which they are calling themselves gangsters and saying that they want to shoot their teacher 40 times, having shot once, 39 more times left. Is. However, the police have arrested both of them.

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