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Ahed Tamimi, Ahed Tamimi on israel-hamas war, will drink your blood, Hitler, israel-hamas war, west bank | Slapped an Israeli soldier at the age of 16; Now she said- we will drink your blood

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Adah Tamimi in Israeli custody in 2018.

It was December 15, 2017, two Israeli army soldiers were standing with guns pointed on their shoulders in the West Bank. Then two Palestinian girls came from behind. The name of one of them was Ahad Tamimi. Ahad shouted at the Israeli soldiers – ‘Get out, get out of here.’ Even after this, when the Israeli soldier remained at his place, Ahad Tamimi slapped the armed soldier on his cheek. Ahad was arrested three days later.

Ahed has since become a hero to Palestinians in the West Bank. It has been 7 years since this incident. Now there is a war between Israel and Hamas and the impact extends to the West Bank. Ahad Tamimi, who was silent for a long time, has started becoming active on social media. He has a lot of young followers in the West Bank. In such a situation, if she starts any campaign then the situation there may worsen.

In this story, know who Ahed Tamimi is, how 8 months of jail made him an icon of Palestinians.

The picture is from 2015 when Ahed Tamimi bit an Israeli soldier on his hand.

To know why Ahed Tamimi clashed with Israeli soldiers, you will have to go back 56 years. It was 1967, after the 6-day long Arab-Israeli war, Israel had captured the West Bank. Before the war, this area completely belonged to Palestinians. The Israeli army remained here until 1982. During these 15 years, many Jews came and settled in this area.

Some of these people settled for religious reasons. Actually, here is the ‘Tomb of the Patriarch’ which is considered sacred for the Jews. At the same time, some people wanted to establish Jewish dominance in the West Bank.

The government also played an important role in settling these people. People were given subsidy to buy land here. Because of this, fighting started between the Muslim Arabs and Jews already living there. People who settled in the West Bank after 1967 are called settlers. According to American news website Vox, more than 5 lakh Jews are settled in the West Bank and its surrounding areas. The settlement of Jews in this area is unacceptable to the Arab Muslims of Palestine.

See the map: West Bank has gone out of the hands of Palestinians…

Palestinians believe that the Jews have not only occupied the rest of their country but are not leaving the West Bank either. In this way, the settlement of Jews in the West Bank is also against the UN’s two-nation principle. According to this, the West Bank and Gaza should be completely ruled by Palestinians.

Clashes continue to occur between Palestinians and Jews in the West Bank. Israeli soldiers are deployed in many areas here. Palestinians throw stones at them. Ahed Tamimi’s 15-year-old cousin Mohammed Tamimi was shot dead by Israeli soldiers during a stone-throwing incident in 2017.

This bullet was made of steel and rubber, due to which Mohammad went into coma. Then Tamimi slapped the Israeli soldier to avenge her brother. For this Ahad was jailed for 8 months. She came out of jail in July 2018.

What did Ahed Tamimi say on Israel-Hamas war?
According to the report of Jerusalem Post, Tamimi has written on her Instagram – Jews, we are waiting for you. We will slaughter you from Hebron to Jenin. You will say that what Hitler did to you was just a joke. Tamimi wrote- We will drink your blood. Will eat your skull.

How far has the war reached in the West Bank?
Like Gaza, the Israeli army is conducting raids almost daily in the West Bank. More than 5 thousand people have been arrested so far. While more than 110 people have died. More than 1200 people have been raided. According to Al Jazeera, Israeli settlers are buying weapons in large numbers here. The Israeli government is also giving them weapons to fight the Palestinians.

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According to the Times of Israel, the Palestinians in these videos are blindfolded. He also has handcuffs in his hands. There is also a video in which Israeli soldiers are brutally killing 7 Palestinians. These people don’t even have clothes on their bodies. These people are groaning in pain. Still, the soldiers are dragging them and kicking and punching them. Read the full news here..

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