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AIADMK announces breaking of alliance with BJP ahead of Lok Sabha Elections 2024

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Before the Lok Sabha elections 2024, both BJP and Congress are busy sharpening their respective alliances. While BJP is trying to increase the number of parties included in the NDA, Congress is trying to increase the number of parties included in the India alliance. Meanwhile, on Monday, bad news came for BJP from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Amid the ongoing tension between BJP and AIADMK in the state, D Jayakumar has said that his party is not in any alliance with BJP.

AIADMK leader D Shivakumar slams Tamil Nadu for criticizing Dravidian stalwart CN Annadurai Targeted BJP Chief Annamalai. He said on Monday that his party workers would not tolerate the insult of the former Chief Minister. D Jayakumar did not stop at this, he further said that there is no alliance with BJP and any decision on this will be taken only during the elections.

He said, “Annamalai does not desire an alliance with AIADMK, although BJP workers want so. Should we tolerate criticism of our leaders? Why should we carry you? BJP cannot step here. Everyone knows your vote bank. You are known because of us.”

He further said, “We cannot tolerate this anymore. As far as alliance is concerned, there is none. BJP is not with AIADMK. The decision (of alliance) can be taken only during elections. This is our stand.” During this time, when D Jayakumar was asked whether this was his personal opinion, he replied, “Have I ever talked to you in that capacity? I speak only as the party decides.”

Why a big blow to BJP?

BJP’s performance in this South Indian state has never been very good. The party in the state always depends on local parties. The ruling party DMK here is with Congress, so if AIADMK breaks ties with BJP then it is definitely bad news for 2024. The importance of AIADMK for BJP can also be gauged from the fact that some time ago the country’s capital New Delhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the NDA meeting held in AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi K Palaniswami was given a seat equal to Rs.

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