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Albert Francis Capone: Who Was Al Capone’s Son?

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Al Capone, the infamous mobster, was not fondly remembered in history. However, his son, Albert Francis Capone, known as “Sonny”, shared a unique and surprisingly warm bond with his notorious father. Imprisoned in Alcatraz for income tax evasion, Al Capone wrote a heartfelt letter to Sonny, expressing hope for a better future together. Despite Al Capone’s infamous crimes, Sonny had a special place in his father’s heart.

Challenges facing Sonny

Born on December 4, 1918, Albert “Sonny” Capone faced challenges from an early age. Although he did not inherit his father’s criminal tendencies, he did inherit syphilis, which resulted in health complications. At the age of eight, Sonny underwent surgery for a mastoid infection, which led to hearing loss. Despite these difficulties, Al Capone, with an unusual display of concern, sought the best medical treatment for his son.

Life in the Spotlight: Sonny’s relationship with Desi Arnaz

Sonny’s childhood included high-profile relationships, including his friendship with bandleader and I Love Lucy star Desi Arnaz. However, their relationship soured when Desi Arnaz’s production company, Desilu, created The Untouchables, a TV series dramatizing the search for Al Capone. Sonny and his mother sued Desila, claiming that the show had a negative impact on their lives. Despite the legal battle, they lost the case.

Sonny’s adult life in Florida

Sonny Capone spent much of his adulthood in Florida, trying to distance himself from his family’s criminal legacy. After attending the University of Notre Dame and later transferring to the University of Miami, he explored various career paths, including used car sales and printing. Despite his efforts to establish a legitimate life, Sonny faced challenges, including a rejected loan application from the Chicago “Outfit” to expand the restaurant he co-owned with his mother.

Sonny’s alleged threat to Ted Kennedy

Files released by the FBI contained information about a threat Sonny Capone allegedly made to Senator Ted Kennedy. The dispatcher reported hearing Sonny on the phone, saying that if Ted Kennedy continued his activities, “he’s going to get it too.” The call took place in June 1968, shortly after the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Ted Kennedy narrowly escaped the fate of his brothers.

Stick to the Law : Sonny’s shoplifting

Sonny Capone’s criminal tendencies emerged in 1965 when he was arrested for stealing two bottles of aspirin and a pack of batteries valued at $3.50. Despite the minor nature of the incident, it marked a turning point. Sonny wittily remarked, “Everybody’s got a little thievery in them,” and pleaded no contest, receiving two years of probation. After this incident, he legally changed his name, dropping “Capone”.

Heritage and recent years

After legally changing his name to Albert Francis (sometimes Brown), the man formerly known as Sonny Capone died in 2004 at the age of 85. Despite the challenges and controversies, Sonny’s life reflected a complex journey, shaped by his family’s infamous history and his attempts to forge a special path.*

Conclusion: The Unique Journey of Sonny Capone

Albert Francis Capone, known as Sonny, led a life overshadowed by the criminal legacy of his father, Al Capone. From a challenging childhood marked by health issues to growing up in Florida, Sonny has faced fame and adversity. Despite legal problems and an alleged threat to Senator Ted Kennedy, Sonny searched for a new identity in later years and eventually found peace in a quieter life.*

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