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All I need in life is this much money! Child asked for Mercedes from Saudi Prince, next morning the gleaming car was seen at the door

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There are many people in the world who hardly get even one meal a day. These people are surviving just by satisfying their needs. But God has made some people very lucky. These people get their luck written with a gold pen. No matter which country the king is in, he will have no shortage of money. But there are very few princes who are rich at heart.

These days Saudi prince is in discussion on social media. It is being told that suddenly a child who bumped into him demanded a Mercedes from him. The prince laughed at that time and heard it and moved ahead. But what happened after this surprised everyone. No one expected that a prince would remember what the child said. But the next morning the child got the biggest gift of his life.

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New car sent to home
This video shared on Instagram has been viewed millions of times so far. Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud was seen in it. He was coming out of some program. But then a child came to the prince in his father’s lap. He very slowly demanded Mercedes from the prince. In response the Prince said OK. Also asked his bodyguard to get the address of the child. The next day, a new Mercedes was seen at the door of the child’s house.

Video went viral
In a part of the shared video, the incident of the child asking for a car was shared. After this, in the second part the child was shown standing in front of a car. This video surprised people. One user wrote that he also just wants to become this rich. While one wrote that I wish the child had asked for crores of rupees. Let us tell you that the Prince is known for his generosity. This video also presented proof of this.


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