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Already married businessman got married with 7 girls, set a target of having 100 children in front of everyone

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Already married businessman married 7 girls together

There is a Ugandan businessman who has a unique story. The name of this businessman is Habib. The age of this person is 43 years. Let us tell you that he is a famous traditional healer. Habib has proposed to the girls in a unique way.

Habib says I do to the girls and then a grand reception is held which leaves the guests in awe. Habib gifts one to each of his new wives. Apart from this, he also respects his father-in-law and gives many types of gifts. Out of all the wives of Habib, two are real sisters. Habib has also bought a motorcycle for his parents.

Habib hosted a grand wedding reception

Let us tell you that Habib has done his marriage every time in a unique and grand manner. The brides arrived at the event stylishly in a convoy of 40 limos and 30 motorcycles. One of the guests present there said that some people could not believe that this was true. This is the first time that they will see such a program. After a grand welcome, Habib along with his brides reached his home in a large convoy of vehicles.

Habib praised his wives

During the reception, Habib gathered all the guests and praised his wives and said that my wives are not jealous of each other. Married everyone together to create one big happy family. Habib did not stop here and added that he is planning to have more wives so that he can have 100 children. He said, there are very few people in my family, so I want to have many children so that we can have a big family.

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