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Amazon Rainforest Dolphin Death Reason | Brazil News | They are being shifted to other ponds; Water temperature exceeds 40 degrees

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2 hours ago

The picture is of a dolphin found dead on the lake shore in Amazon.

There has been a historic drought in the Amazon region of Brazil. The water temperature in the ponds and lakes here has reached record levels. At some places the water temperature has exceeded 102 degrees Fahrenheit i.e. 40 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, in the last seven days, more than a hundred dolphins have been found dead in Lake Tefe here.

Scientists have called it unusual. According to him, the temperature of the lake and the historical drought in Amazon could be the reason for this. The Amazon River, the world’s largest waterway, is currently going through a dry season, which is also affecting the creatures living in the river.

See the drought of Amazon in pictures…

A dolphin found dead can be seen near Lake Tefe in the Brazilian Amazon.

Less water than normal has been found in lakes and ponds at 59 places in Brazil’s Amazon State.

For a time, there was water in the entire area shown in the picture. Which is drying up due to temperature.

According to CNN report, to save the dolphins, they are being shifted to other lakes and ponds. Where the water is less hot. According to the researchers engaged in this work, this is not easy. Before shifting them, it has to be checked whether there is any kind of dangerous virus or toxic material in the other river.

The houses seen in the picture were called floating houses, because they were built on water. Now there is no water left due to drought.

The picture is of a pink dolphin found dead in the Amazon River. Some experts say that the reason for their death is the gold mining going on in the nearby areas. The chemicals there are dumped into the rivers.

The Amazon tropical rainforest is spread over 5.5 million square kilometers. Currently, more than 1 lakh people are affected due to drought here.

The picture is of Amazon where trees have been burnt to ashes due to forest fire.

what is dolphin
Dolphin is also a mammalian aquatic creature like whale. It can go 990 feet deep into the water and jump up to 20 feet above the water. After coming in the category of rare aquatic creature, work has started on its conservation. However, dolphins are more afraid of the fishermen living on the river banks. In whose nets dolphins fall. To protect them, there is also a need to spread awareness among the people.

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