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America READY FOR NUCLEAR WEAPON ATTACK Boeing B-52 Bomber In Taiwan China In Tension

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United States Latest News: America has decided to teach China a lesson. This is the reason why the US Pacific Air Force has deployed its nuclear bomber B-52 in Guam, located in the Pacific Ocean. Earlier this bomber aircraft was deployed in North Dakota. If media reports are to be believed, the main intention behind this step of America is to show China its status.

China is continuously violating Taiwanese airspace

At present, China is continuously violating Taiwan’s airspace. This is why the American Army has come forward to help him. Recently, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry had accused China that its J-10 and J-11 fighter jets had crossed the Strait of Median Line. It is noteworthy that the Strait of Median Line is an unofficial water border area between China and Taiwan.

Features of bomber B-52

The B-52 bomber is a long-range subsonic jet-powered bomber aircraft. This plane is one of the oldest planes in America. Through this aircraft, the American Army is adept at easily attacking enemy territory from a height of about 50,000 feet (15,166.6 meters).

US Air Force statement

The US Air Force says that the B-52 bomber has been removed from North Dakota and given to the Fifth Bomb Wing. This aircraft was deployed at Andersen Air Force Base in the last week of January. The main objective of this work is to implement the international system as per the rules in the Indian and Pacific region.

Why did America take this step?

At present, relations between America and China are not going very well. This is the reason why the US Army is increasing its military strength in the Indo Pacific region to surround it from all sides. Apart from this, it is also conducting exercises with its allied countries in these areas. This includes countries like Japan, South Korea and Australia.

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