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American Idol: Who Is Iam Tongi? Where Does Iam Tongi Live Now

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Who is Iam Tongi? Born on September 1, 2004 in Kahuku, Hawaii, Iam Tongi is a rising star who has captured hearts across America during his journey on American Idol Season 21. He shares a special bond with his late father, who inspired him to continue his musical career.

During his audition, the 18-year-old Hawaiian high school student touched the hearts of the judges with his story of loss. Having lost his father just a few years ago, Iam’s emotional rendition of James Blunt’s ‘Monsters’ not only moved the judges, but also became a YouTube sensation, racking up a staggering 16 million views. His emotional tribute to his father came full circle when he performed the song alongside James Blunt during the season 21 finale.

Iam Tongi’s incredible talent and charismatic stage presence led him to the finals of two competitions, where he competed against Megan Danielle. He even showed off his songwriting skills with an original track called ‘I’ll be Seeing You’, a heartfelt track he performed before claiming the win of the season.

Where does Iam Tongi live now? Currently, Iam Tongi lives in Seattle, Washington with his family. He moved to Seattle three years ago after being kicked out of Paradise, a term used for Hawaiians who leave the islands because of the skyrocketing cost of living. While his music career is on the rise, Iam continues his high school education at Decatur High School in Federal Way, Washington.

In an interview, he shared his thoughts on his journey, saying, “It feels crazy. I just started this thing as a kid kicked out of paradise living in Washington and scared. Now when people listen to my music, it’s crazy.”

While the American Idol grand finale took place in Los Angeles, the heart of the American entertainment industry, there is speculation that Iam may consider moving to the city after his win. Although he has not confirmed his future plans, it is clear that the young star is on the verge of stardom and is likely to receive numerous offers. Hollywood may be coming sooner than we expect!

Iam Tongi’s Future Plans American Idol is one of the most watched reality TV shows in the world, and as the crowned winner, Iam Tongi is now in the global spotlight. In an interview, he shared his aspirations for the future, saying: “I just want to play concerts and live shows because I really love performing live. It just feels good when I’m on that stage and the lights, and I just close my eyes and get into that feeling. When other people witness it and can relate to it too, it’s just crazy.”

Iam’s passion for performing live and his dedication to his craft show that he has a clear vision for his musical career.

As American Idol fans, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Share in the comments who was your favorite season 21 contestant and which Iam Tongi performance was the most close to your heart. The world can’t wait to see what this young talent has in store for us.

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