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America’s oldest 96-year-old federal judge suspended from duty

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America’s oldest federal judge suspended: The oldest 96-year-old US federal judge has been suspended from duty in the US capital Washington. It has been reported that questions had been raised many times about his mental capacity. Due to which he was relieved of responsibility on Wednesday. After this matter was highlighted, now a new debate has started in America regarding politicians like President Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The Judicial Council of the US Court of Appeals has decided to suspend Pauline Newman. Pauline had been handling his responsibilities since 1984. But he was accused by colleagues in the appellate court of working too slowly. It was also said that they often become confused and agitated.

There may be difficulty in work due to memory loss

After this a lot of evidence was collected. In which it was found that Newman may have memory loss, lack of understanding, confusion and difficulties in performing basic tasks. Many types of mental problems can also afflict them. It was also revealed that the workload may be less in the court.

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But Pauline takes four times more time than other judges to take opinions or decisions. Later the council took the decision of counselling. But Pauline refused to see a neurologist and psychiatrist to assess her mental state. Due to which he was suspended for one year.

If you do not cooperate, your suspension will be increased.

If they refuse to cooperate further, it is believed that the suspension process may be extended. At the same time, Newman said that he has been targeted because of the hostility of other judges. He termed the action wrong. He has been kept away from work since April.

Judge Newman was born in 1927. He has a PhD in Chemistry from Yale. After which he took over the responsibility of patent law expert. In 1984, he was assigned to the Court of Appeals by the Federal Circuit. This special court was named to deal with patent laws and government contracts.

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