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Amid Israel-Hamas war, people in Gaza are in need of food, innocent children yearning for milk

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Reuters, Gaza. Amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict, common people in Gaza are not able to get even everyday items like bread, eggs and milk. We are also facing shortage of drinking water here. Phones are not able to be charged due to lack of electricity. It is not known whether his other relatives are well or not.

After the Hamas attack, Israel has imposed a complete blockade in Gaza to stop food supplies and cut off electricity. Due to this, many goods are running out in the shops. Iyad Abu Mutlaq, present in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, said that there is a problem of electricity, food and water here. Only the above can solve this problem. He said that he came here after seeing four bakeries. At some places there is no bread and at some places there is such a long queue that it seems difficult to get it.

people craving for food

There has been a flood of people in southern Gaza, because Israel said on Friday that those living in the north of Gaza should move to the south. Am Salem present in Khan Yunis said that people are yearning for food here. Egg, rice, cane food, nothing is available. Even the child is not getting milk. At the same time, Israel said that it had asked people to leave the north for their own safety and to ensure that they do not get caught in the conflict.

UN appeals to Israel

Meanwhile, the United Nations has urged Israel to take humanitarian steps in Gaza. Philippe Lazzarini, Commissioner General of the United Nations refugee agency UNRWA, said that water is the last lifeline for people. I appeal that the siege should be lifted now to allow humanitarian aid. If this does not happen then people will start dying of dehydration. These also include small children, elderly people and women.

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