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Amrapali -Nirahua Top 5 Romance Video: Nirahua was seen breaking the bed in a closed room – Amrapali, shook the internet

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Amrapali – Nirahua Top 5 Romance Video: These days, Dinesh Lal Yadav alias Nirahua and famous actress Amrapali Dubey are keeping the temperature rising on social media. People remain uncontrollable to see this pair together. Whenever these two are seen together in a film or a song, there is an uproar. This pair has entertained the Bhojpuri audience a lot. These two are always ready for romance on screen. Their chemistry is always on fire. This is the reason why its songs are searched a lot by the audience. Not only do both of them create a stir in the film world, they are also very good friends of each other in real life.

It is said that Nirahua and Amrapali like each other and are also in love. But, we cannot say anything about this. Because he has never said anything openly about this. Nirahua and Amrapali are such stars who fit into every character. Meanwhile, one of his videos is creating a stir on social media.

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