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Amy Lynn Preasmyer: Ricky Cowles Murder, Their Daughter

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A mysterious murder revealed

In 1997, a shocking incident shocked the community when Amy Lynn Preasmyer, a teenager, frantically called 911 to initiate a murder investigation. The victim of this gruesome crime was none other than Amy’s boyfriend, Ricky Cowles Jr. He was discovered lying in a pool of blood, badly injured and unable to move, all caused by a brutal hammer attack. This event would lead to a series of shocking revelations, and if you’re new to this case, we’ve got all the details you need.

Who is Amy Lynn Preasmyer?

Amy Lynn Preasmyer was an average sixteen-year-old girl at the time of these events, deeply involved in a relationship with her boyfriend Ricky. Friends remember the first years together as filled with happiness and love. However, the sudden development of events would cause a chain reaction of tragic consequences.

A key point in this heartbreaking story was Amy’s pregnancy, a circumstance that would eventually lead to this horrifying case.

The murder of Ricky Cowles

Ricky Cowles Jr., the victim of this shocking crime, remains somewhat of a mystery. Amy Lynn Preasmyer was convicted in 1997 of hiring a man to kill Ricky Cowles Jr., attributing her actions to his role in her pregnancy and the disruption it brought to her life.

The man responsible for carrying out this heinous act was William Hoffman, a former business employee who was sentenced to life in prison for Ricky’s murder. Throughout the trial, Hoffman claimed that someone else was responsible for the crime. The trial also included Amy Preasmyer, Ricky Cowles, David Ashbury, 29, and Jennifer Kellogg, 28, who all lived in the same apartment on Gadsden Avenue. Unfortunately, Hoffman’s trial in 1999 failed to establish a clear motive for the murder.

Family of Ricky Cowles

About the family of Ricky Cowles Jr. little is known because they are not specifically mentioned in the available information. It’s obvious that Amy hired someone to kill Ricky because she believed he had ruined her life.

Despite extensive research, comprehensive information about Ricky’s family remains elusive on numerous websites.

Why did Amy Lynn Preasmyer commit murder?

As further details emerged, it became apparent that Amy Preasmyer was deeply unhappy about her pregnancy, which she attributed to her relationship with Ricky. In response to her misfortune, she conspired with two acquaintances to plan Ricky’s murder. Amy’s plan was to hire a professional hitman named Billy Hoffman to carry out the murder.

However, Hoffman’s loose lips meant that several witnesses overheard his involvement in the crime, making it inevitable that the authorities would be alerted to his actions. Ultimately, this led to his arrest and imprisonment in 1998.

During the trial, it was revealed that Amy enlisted the help of others to commit the murder, and Billy Hoffman eventually assumed the role of the perpetrator. Although Amy and Hoffman did not know each other personally, they had mutual friends that made it possible for them to meet.

Jennifer Kellogg and David Ashbury, who were acquaintances of Amy at the time of the murder, were also involved in the crime, for which they were sentenced to prison.

Life Behind Bars Amy Lynn Preasmyer

Amy Preasmyer was sentenced to life in prison for her involvement in the murder, and her parole eligibility would be reviewed in the years that followed. She was just 16 when she was found guilty of hiring a hitman to kill her boyfriend. Her location remains undisclosed, but her actions, hiring a man to kill her boyfriend, have defined her life.

Los Angeles Superior Court jurors convicted Preasmyer of murder, conspiracy, solicitation of murder and waiting after more than two weeks of deliberations. Since the death penalty was not carried out, he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison.

Despite attempts to reach Preasmyer’s attorney for comment, no response was received. An hour after the murder, Preasmyer told authorities she discovered the victim in their bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head.

The fate of Amy Lynn Preasmyer and Ricky Cowles’ daughter

At the time of the murder, Amy was 15 weeks pregnant with her first child, Kayleigh. After Amy was convicted of solicitation, murder and conspiracy to commit murder in 2007, custody of Kayleigh was awarded to her four grandparents, who will raise her.

In conclusion, the tragic story of Amy Lynn Preasmyer and Ricky Cowles Jr. serves as a chilling reminder of the consequences of extreme actions driven by desperation and hopelessness.

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