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Ankita Lokhande Angry On Khanzadi In Bigg Boss 17 Vicky Jain Vs Neil Bhatt Ugly Spat

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Ankita Lokhande's anger erupts in Bigg Boss 17, fans will enjoy seeing this style of Pavitra Rishta's 'Archana'

Bigg Boss 17 New Promo: New promo of Bigg Boss 17 creates stir

special things

  • New promo of Bigg Boss 17 surfaced
  • There will be a fight in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17
  • There will be a debate between Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Neil Bhatt and Khanzadi

New Delhi:

Four episodes of Bigg Boss 17 have been released, in which chaos is being seen every day. While yesterday there was a ruckus between Munawwar Faruqui and Khanzadi, now some such contestants are going to be seen bursting, whom till now you had seen calm. Yes, we are talking about Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain and Neil Bhatt. In the last four days, Bigg Boss tried to wake up these housemates a lot and now they are seen waking up, the proof of which is the promo of the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 17, in which Ankita Lokhande vs Khanzadi and Vicky Jain vs Neil Bhatt. Is going to be visible. After watching this promo, the excitement level of fans is going to increase.

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Actually, a promo of the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 17 has been shared on a fan page, in which Ankita Lokhande and Khanzadi are seen arguing on the issue of TV actor. The matter seems to be escalating to this point. When Vicky Jain and Neil Bhatt clash with each other. While angry Neil moves towards Vicky, while Aishwarya Sharma is seen holding him. Ankita is also seen talking to Lokhande.

It is worth noting that the weekend attack has arrived, due to which the debate among the housemates is worth seeing in whose favor it goes and who gets attacked by Salman Khan in the very first week. Who will be evicted from home this week? This will also be interesting.

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