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Anupama 4th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Malti Devi and Baa’s meeting

In the last episode of Anupam, we saw Malti Devi and Baa meeting at the residence. The two had an intense conversation about some bracelets, and this led to a heated argument. Baa claimed that the bangles belonged to Anupama, but Malti Devi claimed that she forced her to wear them. This led to Baa questioning Malti Devi’s actions and her role in trying to harm Anupama. Malti Devi defended herself, saying that it was her son’s house, but Baa reminded her that Anupama was the real owner of the house.

Anupama’s determination

Anupama and Anuj had their differences during the episode. Anupama made it clear that he would not get another chance, and their tension was palpable. Meanwhile, Dimpy said that Samar had big plans for Anupam’s godh bharaya (baby shower) and she was excited about it. While Kavya and Dimpy were fulfilling their aspirations, Pakhi felt hurt and decided to leave.

Godh Bharayi Ritual

The family gathered to celebrate the Godh Bharayi ritual. Kavya was sitting in the ceremony. Anupama took the moment to have a heart-to-heart with Kavya, acknowledging her fear and loneliness despite being a great mother. She emphasized the importance of mutual love and encouraged Kavya to appreciate the moment and not dwell on the past.

Playful game

Anuj added a touch of romance to the celebration by proposing a game to determine who would win the baby’s affection. They had a friendly competition trying to win the baby’s heart, but no one succeeded. This led to a light-hearted debate over who should get the ring.

Kavya’s confidence

Kavya remained confident throughout the episode, not regretting her actions. She believed that a child would love his dad (father) more than anyone else. The next round involved determining the gender of the baby. Kavya and Vanraj were given a fun challenge to put a fish in a bowl while blindfolded, resulting in a tie.

Family fun

The family shared a few relaxed moments, with Baa jokingly commenting on the baby being born with a tie. The festive atmosphere was enhanced by the playing of Shehnai music and the younger members of the family, including Kinjal, Dimpy and Pakhi, started dancing. Vanraj and Anupama also joined in the dance.

Light tension

During the dance, Vanraj approached Kavya and held her hand. While Anupama was also dancing with Anuja, Malti Devi noticed something was wrong. When Baa mentioned the unique dance, Anupama looked worried and Anuj seemed to remember the challenge he gave to Anupam.

This episode of Anupam was filled with family gatherings, playful moments and a touch of suspense. Anupam’s determination and Kavya’s confidence added depth to the story. The family celebrated the joyous occasion, but internal tensions hinted at potential conflicts in future episodes. Stay tuned for more news about the show.

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