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Anupama Anuj Will Take Blame For Samar’s Death Dimpy Will Show Her True Colors In Anupama Serial Upcoming Episode – Because of this, Anuj will take the blame for the death of Anupama’s son Samar! Dimpy will show her new colors, fans will say after seeing the twist

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Because of this, Anuj will take the blame for the death of Anupama's son Samar.  Dimpy will show her new colors, fans will see the twist and say - what is happening...

Anupama Anupama’s husband Anuj will be accused of Samar’s death.

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  • Anupama Written Update In Hindi
  • New twist will come in Anupama serial
  • Dimple will be surprised if Anupama is blamed

New Delhi:

Anupama Written Update In Hindi: A new twist is about to come in the story of Anupama serial. Where the whole story will be seen turning upside down due to Samar’s death. Till now you have seen that the re-entry of Anuj’s mother Malti Devi has surprised everyone. In the latest promo, Samar Ki Baat told the fans what will happen in the upcoming episode of the serial. I am forced to know this. But such a big explosion is going to happen in the upcoming episode, seeing which even the fans will ask what is happening. Actually, the reason why Anuj will take the blame for the death of Anupama’s son Samar will be revealed.

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In the latest promo by the makers, Vanraj will be seen blaming Anuj for Samar’s death. Whereas Anuj will remain silent in front of Anupama. But the reason for this silence would be summer. Actually, there are reports that
Samar’s confession will stop Anuj from telling the truth. Due to this, the blame for Samar’s death will fall on his head. But he will be seen maintaining silence.

Apart from this, another update has come out that Dimpy will take a surprising decision after Samar’s death. Actually, there are reports that Dimpy will decide to abort the child after Samar’s death, which will surprise Vanraj, Anupama and the entire family. After this it is being said that Anupama will take the responsibility of Samar’s child and raise him. Fans will be shocked to hear this.

Talking about the latest track, the entire Kapadia and Shah family is very happy with the news of Dimpy’s pregnancy. Whereas Samar is seen spending time with his family.

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