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Are Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates Still Together What Happened to Kevin Gates And Dreka?

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If you’ve been following the hip-hop scene, you may have heard about Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates going their separate ways. The power couple has been in the spotlight for their love and work ethic, but recent rumors have fans wondering about the state of their relationship.

What happened to Kevin Gates and Drake? Kevin Gates, the famous rapper, and Dreka Gates have been a celebrated couple since their high school days. Their love story took a turn in 2015 when they tied the knot, and soon after, their family grew with the arrival of their first child, Islah Koren Gates, in 2010. However, recent rumors suggest a change in their relationship status.

Solo rap and new relationships: In June 2022, Kevin Gates released a solo rap titled “Super General”, causing intrigue among fans. The rapper hinted that the song was a protective lie for Drake’s public image. Additionally, the sight of Kevin holding hands with ‘Love and Hip Hop’ star Jojo Zarur in New York raised eyebrows, fueling speculation about the end of the chapter with Gates.

High school meeting: The love story between Kevin and Dreka started in high school. Kevin, an aspiring rapper, caught Drake’s attention with his musical style. The couple quickly established a strong bond built on love and faith. Dreka played a key role in Kevin’s early career, promoting his music to producers, booking agents and artists, paving the way for his success.

Bread Winners Association (BWA): As Kevin’s fame skyrocketed, he and Dreka went into business together, founding their own record label, Bread Winners Association (BWA). Despite the challenges, the couple publicly showed their love, becoming a symbol of honesty in the hip-hop world.

First child and marriage: Their journey took a significant step with the birth of their first child, Islah Koren Gates, in 2010. Even before they officially tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in October 2015, Kevin called Dreka his “best friend” and “life partner” in Complex interview from 2015.

Conclusion: In the world of hip-hop, relationships are often under the microscope. Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates have faced their share of rumors, and recent events point to a possible separation. Despite this, their journey from high school sweethearts to building a successful business and family has left an indelible mark on the industry.

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