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Armaan Malik To Harsh Beniwal 8 Youtubers Will Be Bigg Boss 17 Contestants

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armaan malik

Armaan Malik is the first name among the YouTubers to enter the Bigg Boss house. It is being claimed in the reports that Armaan can be a part of this show with his first wife Payal.

Payal Malik

Armaan Malik’s first wife Payal Malik is also a famous YouTuber. She runs her own blog. He has millions of followers. Payal’s desi style can be seen in the Bigg Boss house.

Anurag Doval

Anurag Dobhal, famous as UK Rider, can be a part of Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 17. Anurag also got the offer of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, then he did not come to the show.

Kirti Mehra

In this list, the name of Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav’s ex-girlfriend Kirti Mehra is also making rounds. Kirti herself had given a hint through a blog.

Samrat Gaur

Famous YouTuber Samrat Gor can also enter Bigg Boss 17 as a contestant. According to reports, Samrat Gaur can leave Elvish Yadav behind with his wisdom in the show.

Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal’s name is also doing the rounds among the YouTubers who are going to appear in Bigg Boss 17. According to reports, Harsh can enter the house as a part of the new season of Salman Khan’s show.

Sunny Arya

The name of another YouTuber Sunny Arya is also in this list, who is famous by the name of channel Tehelka Prank. According to reports, Sunny has received an offer for Bigg Boss 17.

Saba Ibrahim

Deepika Kakkar’s sister-in-law Saba Ibrahim can also be seen in Bigg Boss 17. Saba is a very famous YouTuber, who has a huge fan following. He runs his own blog.

Who are Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan?

Let us tell you that famous YouTubers Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan were contestants of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. Everyone liked the game plan of Elvish and Abhishek in the show. However, now it is being said that fans can forget Elvish and Abhishek after seeing the YouTubers who will become contestants in Bigg Boss 17.

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