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Artist Ordered Repay Museum 76000 dollars After Turning In Blank Canvases as Artworks tstm

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Often many big painting artists are paid huge amounts for their paintings. He also gets many similar painting orders. Similarly, Danish artist Jens Henning, whose work focuses on power and inequality, was commissioned by the Kunstmuseum of Modern Art in Aalborg to recreate two of his previous artworks. What happened after this was surprising.

Painting using bank notes

In a previous painting he used bank notes to show the average income in Denmark and Austria. In such a situation, to get such a painting done again, the museum had provided him 532,000 kroner ($76,000 or Rs 63 lakh), which also included a fee of 40,000 kroner (Rs 3 lakh).

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The museum was shocked when it found the painting

When Janes delivered the order, the museum staff opened it and looked at it. Here he found two blank canvases titled ‘Take the Money and Run’. Now it was clear that the artist had committed a big fraud on him and had also made fun of him by giving such a name to the painting. Haning told the website dr.dk – The thing is that I have taken their money, it is not theft. This is a breach of contract and it is part of the job.

Kept the empty painting in the museum

The museum put Jens’s new blank artworks on display, but still asked the artist to return hundreds of krone, which he was to use to recreate his previous pieces. When Jens refused to return the money, the museum started legal action against him. Legal documents state that Hanning was given a loan of 532,000 kroner to use as artwork.

What did the court say?

Lasse Anderson, director of the Kunstmuseum, told The Guardian at the time “We are not a rich museum… We have to think carefully about how we spend our money, and how much we can spend. How many don’t spend more.” Now, after a protracted legal battle, a Copenhagen court has ordered Jens Henning to return 492,549 kroner to the museum, the amount paid in addition to the fees. Now he has 14 days for this, but he can also appeal against the decision.

‘The museum also earned a lot of money from the controversy’

Speaking after the court’s decision, Hanning admitted that the controversy surrounding his Take the Money and Run project had been “good for my work”. He also said that the Kunstmuseum had made “a lot, a lot of money” from the publicity generated by the case.

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